Tuition fee? You can get tuition-FREE education at Cainta’s Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School

Parents often hope to give their children the best education, but the best often come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila School of Cainta (LRMS) has made it more accessible for families to provide quality education to their children.

This school located inside the Vista Verde Executive Village has established the Family Tuition Discount program that gives discounts if siblings are enrolled at LRMS.

The Family Tuition Discount program is only available to parents who have at least two children enrolled with LRMS. But you can get as much as basically free tuition if you have five children studying at this Cainta school.

No. of Siblings Enrolled Discount to Oldest Sibling
2 20%
3 30%
4 50%
5 – UP 100%

Aside from the Family Tuition Discount, LRMS has offered creative incentive programs to address budget constraints of getting a good education.

Parents or guardians with children enrolled at LRMS can get as much as Php6,000 in voucher incentives if they have successfully referred new enrollees. This voucher can be used to purchase books, uniforms, school materials, canteen meals, and payment of tuition balance.

No. of New Students Enrolled Voucher Incentives
1 1,000.00
2 2,000.00
3 2,500.00
4 3,000.00
5 3,500.00
6 4,000.00
7 4,500.00
8 5,000.00
9 5,500.00
10 6,000.00

Deciding on your child’s education is one of the most important moments in every parent’s life. Your child’s school will eventually become their second home that will help shape their future.

LRMS values these hopes. The institution promises parents relentless dedication to aid their children the right tools to become the future servant leaders. For more information, visit Follow LRMS on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about its upcoming events like the Catholic Teachers’ Day and the school’s Foundation Week Celebration.

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