Southeast Asia’s FIRST ‘IMAX with Laser’ is in the PH and here’s where you can find it!

We’ve noticed an influx of responses whenever we post lights-related articles on our website and as millennials, we know how almost everyone here loves to watch movies, too! Combining two of the most popular topic on the site, here’s another one that’s definitely worth sharing to those who are always up for one-of-a-kind visual experiences!

Outdating existing cinema experience currently available in the country, Vista Cinemas recently introduced an incredibly groundbreaking movie technology with Southeast Asia’s FIRST IMAX with Laser theatre in Evia Lifestyle Center Mall in Alabang. Launched on November 20, 2018, Vista Cinemas’ IMAX with Laser cinema brings viewing experience to a notch higher with its next-generation technology that delivers stunning images and heart-pounding audio for an unparalleled immersive cinematic experience. Capturing true reality projected on one of the world’s largest screens, the experience is set apart by its 4K laser projection system which features a new optical engine and a suite of propriety IMAX technologies that deliver increased resolution, sharper and brighter images, deeper contrast, as well as the most distinct and exotic colors ever available on-screen.

Because it’s challenging to get photos inside the cinemas, here’s a sneak peek at what it looks like inside instead:

This sign alone is already giving us goosebumps!

A look inside the theatre.

Sit back and relax on these comfy seats!

Defying the standards in immersive entertainment, Vista Cinemas’ IMAX with Laser theatre is consistent with its thrust to bring only the best experiences to its customers aimed to transport audiences into today’s most anticipated blockbusters with heightened realism that draws the audience into the movie and out from his own world.

The IMAX with Laser technology has been designed from the ground-up exclusively for IMAX screens that delivers breathtaking images and makes us of IMAX’s 12-channel sound technology for an even greater dynamic range giving the ultimate in audio immersion.

Experience this whole new world of Vista Cinemas’ Evia Lifestyle Mall IMAX with Laser at Evia Lifestyle Center. For more details, visit:

Facebook: Vista Cinemas and Evia Lifestyle Center

Instagram: @vistacinemas

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