Get that holiday glow with these beauty treatments for all ages at The Zen Institute

Opening December with refreshing news for ladies and gentlemen of all generations! Before rushing to do the holiday chores, keep in mind that stress and all the overtime preparations for the Yuletide season can also reflect on our skin. Take acne breakouts and undereye marks as an example. No one wants these to be evident especially during reunions when we are most susceptible to family members and friends’ critique – in addition to questions about personal life, of course. Add self-care appointments to your basket before the holiday hustle and bustle. The Zen Institute medical spa has a wide array of treatments to help erase any visible signs of aging and stress through non-invasive procedures that require no downtime.

Aside from their popular HappyLift – a non-surgical facelift that lasts for more than a year, and HiFu – a non-invasive facial and body contouring procedure, you can also check out these services which are suited for every lifestyle:

1.Teenage Treatment

For ages 19 and below

The Zen Institute – Binondo’s private room for treatments.

As teenage puberty sets in, adolescents become more conscious of changes in their body. Services like IPL and Diode Painless Hair Removal can address the problems of unwanted hair and skin darkening are available at The Zen Institute.


For ages 20-39

About to undergo Resolift!

The skin is the most exposed part of our body and at this age, unwanted imperfections start to become more and more visible. To address the onset of acne problems, there’s a Facial Skin Spa and a state-of-the-art Carbon Laser treatment that you can try. To banish acne scars, there’s Diamond Peel to remove dead skin cells and Dermapoint to promote collagen renewal.

Stubborn fat, on the other hand, can be removed with Mesolipo which can target double chins. For the body, there’s Ultraslimlight – a non-invasive treatment that combines radiofrequency, infrared light, vacuum, and a mechanical massage to promote detoxification and lymphatic drainage.

To enhance features, Botox can address the need for a more relaxed jawline and draw out the inception of fine lines and wrinkles. In case you’re looking for quick treatments, drop by for a Resolift, Signature Facial, or Diamond Peel session for instant face-and-neck lift that can tones your skin and improve blood circulation.


For ages 40 onwards

Bloom like you’re in your 20s!

Life can be brought back to dull skin with the help of a Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Placenta Injection. To reduce the appearance of age spots caused by acne or sun damage, there’s Carbon Laser that can selectively spare the epidermis from damage. For issues like deep lines and wrinkles, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and Plasma Ion can help augment deep lines and facial features. Cellular regeneration can then be administered with Platelet Rich Plasma. To improve the face shape and reduce skin sagging, there’s HappyLift and UltraContour Hifu to target key points of the face.

Aging also comes with various toxin build-up concerns that can be addressed by consistent IV Detoxes (IV Liver Detox, Glutadrip, IV Immune Booster) that contain Glutathione, antioxidants, and liver-cleansing cocktails. The Sublingual program addresses these issues in several phases to optimize long-term results.

4.Motherly Care

For moms (during and after pregnancy)

Zen Institute’s lovely staff will be very much willing to assist you! They were still smiling even during a jam-packed afternoon when we visited their Binondo branch.

According to The Zen Institute’s specialists, moms-to-be tend to notice increased acne and hyperpigmentation caused by pregnancy but this can be addressed by GAP and Vitamin C Push – both do not have adverse effects to the pregnancy journey.

After giving birth, stretch marks are one of the main concerns. This is reversible with Dermapoint, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Diamond Peels. Getting back into shape, on the other hand, can be aided with non-invasive massage-like Ultraslimtight or Ultralipo treatments.

5.Athletic Aptitude

For athletes

Don’t be shy to ask! It’s best to ask the experts instead of just assuming what your skin needs.

Athletes need pampering, too! To maintain the body’s supply of proper nutrients, there’s IV Myer’s Pre-Game Cocktail which contains vitamins and minerals that help prepare the body for strenuous activities, aid in faster recovery, and give better endurance. The Zen Institute also offers a 21-day program called Ha2CG, which aims to liberate stored fats and convert them into usable energy minus the loss of muscle mass.

These are just some of their sought-after treatments. Visit a branch today to see which ones best suit your skin’s needs!

Owner and Medical Director Dr. MJ Torres is a firm believer that beauty starts from within. This has been embedded in The Zen Institute’s philosophy that led them to master the fine art of non-invasive aesthetic enhancements like face contouring, body sculpting, and skin rejuvenation for healthy aging and longevity.

“There are no quick fixes when it comes to beauty. Achieving beauty is an art, a journey to self-improvement, through evidence-based therapy,” shares Dr. MJ.

As part of preventive measures, Manila Millennial recommends their ResoLift – a contouring treatment that can define your face shape and lessen stubborn facial fat. It’s not as harsh on the skin as other contouring services that we’ve tried but gradual effects can be seen within 10 sessions (depending on your desired outcome).

The Zen Institute has branches in Bonifacio Global City, Quezon City, and Binondo. For more information about the medical spa, contact: (+632) 441-1712 / 412-2328 or (+63)917 532 8992, email

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