The first FamilyMart in the PH just got upgraded and here are 5 things you should try

Convenience stores have been our best friend ever since we since we started going to school – from last-minute baon needs to food trips with friends. More so when we started working. Just count how many FamilyMart stores you can see on the way to business districts within Makati and BGC! I personally pass by 4 and usually end up buying something at the third store on the way to work or grab a quick bite before I head home.

It was not too long ago – 2013 to be exact- when the first-ever FamilyMart opened in the Philippines, but this Japanese konbini (conveniene store) just got an exciting upgrade after 5 years of business here. Aside from their delicious cookies, which are very popular among millennials on social media, here’s a list of new things to watch out for at their newly re-opened Generation 2 store at Glorietta 3, Makati City:

  1. Upgraded quality of bread

Your Manila Millennial was lucky enough to have a quick chit-chat with FamilyMart General Manager Roald Yap during the re-launch of the branch. When asked about what new store features we shouldn’t miss, the quality of bread was the first thing on his list.

[The] quality of the bread has been truly upgraded. It’s melt-in-your-mouth… easy to swallow. [The cookies] are actually our number 1 best-seller. We agree that after a hard day’s work, you really have to sometimes reward yourself. So if you want a reward or indulge or even just to past time, there’s FamilyMart,” he shares.

Truly something to consider for merienda or baon for school or the office.

  1. Cookies and pastries

For those with a sweet tooth or sweet cravings, Yap recommends their pastries which include cinnamon rolls, dessert bars, and ensaymadas. No question about their huge cookies that are overflowing with chocolate chips! For only P39, those are a sure hit. Reviews from people in different groups like Let’s Eat Pare can attest to that.

  1. Great food offerings

I think you’ll see close to almost 200 food offered, fresh food, cooked at the store or prepared and baked all within the same day.

FamilyMart has a wide range of delicious choices for every craving, from Filipino breakfast favorites to classic Japanese treats to dim sum, always freshly cooked and readily available all day. The new store features all these merienda treats and fully loaded meals that we’ve come to love, as well as some yummy new delights: Japan’s best-selling Fami Chicky, a freshly-fried, thick and crispy chicken fillet; and their Hotdawgs – warm, fully-loaded hotdog sandwiches available in six different flavors.

  1. Bigger, brighter, and more relaxing store

A prime location for young professionals in the Makati CBD area, their newly opened store in Glorietta 3 features an upgraded and modern design, as well as a bigger and café-inspired dining space. It has a bright and airy ambience, which you can already see from outside. We’ve tried dropping by in the morning and evening and the comfort it brings is just the same – no matter how jam-packed it can be with customers.

Unlike other convenience stores wherein people who stay are often pressured to leave as soon as possible just so they can offer seats to other customers, FamilyMart does otherwise. In fact, Yap invites everyone to enjoy and make the most out of their stay.

I hope you find the store much more relaxing. We really encourage you to stay and enjoy it,” says Yap. “With this new and improved branch, we’re making sure that FamilyMart stays at the top of its game, giving young professionals exactly what they want and need. We can’t wait to roll out these Generation 2 updates to even more stores in the very near future. Our Gen 2 stores manifest how we intend to enrich the daily grind of Filipinos through fresher and healthier options – designed to meet their changing lifestyle and needs.”

  1. New exciting offers

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ve probably seen our IG Stories featuring our haul from FamilyMart-Glorietta 3, but there’s more to that! Don’t forget to avail these promos within the month:

  • FREE SNAP CARD with a minimum single receipt purchase of P100. Valid from October 29 – November 30, 2018.
  • FREE LOOT BAG for the first 200 customers with a minimum purchase of P150 starting October 29.
  • Buy 1 Get 1 on items such as Coles Chicha Pop! Cheese, Chips Delight Chocolate Chip Cookies (40g), Andy Player Whisky Cola (330ml), Sip Purified Water (500ml), Kotex Luxe on the Go (2s), and Kleenex Big Travel.
  • Save P10 on any 12oz. Juice with purchase of any Steamed Siomai Rice Meal (3 pcs), any Designer Dawg, any Donburi Rice Meal, any Gyoza Rice Meal (3 pcs), or FamiChicky Rice Meal (2 pcs).

To add to all these, here’s a fun fact: Their staff uniforms were also upgraded to match the brand new look and feel of the store, and it has been designed by no other than renowned Filipino fashion stalwart Rajo Laurel.

I wanted the design to evoke a youthful energy and an invigorated feeling of style and efficiency,” says Rajo. “The designs were inspired by classic preppy pieces that I tweaked to make more fun and functional.”

From their menu, packaging, store design, to the look and service of its crew, discover and enjoy an all-new and improved customer experience from FamilyMart as it takes comfort and convenience to another level in their Glorietta 3 store. Watch out for more updates from our page. We heard there are new additions to the amenities of their BGC branch as well!

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