Luminisce Skin Clinic’s Exilis Elite: Achieving a face lift effect minus the needles

The more that I get exposed to actual environment of celebrities and beauty gurus here in the Philippines, the more that I realize that not everyone “woke up like this” to a very glowing and slim facial feature. Some have been blessed with a naturally slim feature, while others work hard to achieve the look that they want. I’ve never been against going to aesthetic clinics even as a teenager since I’ve always dreamt of having a high-bridged nose like my mom’s and a contoured face like my aunt’s. Now that I’m old enough to find ways for myself, I’ve explored various treatments like Luminisce’s Exilis Elite, which I saw from the Facebook posts of a dear blogger friend, Mommy Lace.

What got me hooked to this treatment is its promise of face lifting effects without the use of needles or any sharp incisions. It works just like an ultrasound, but it removes stubborn fat around your face. No pain, no downtime, and it doesn’t poke a hole in your wallet unlike other skin clinics. I tried it for myself so I’ll know if it’s a go or a no-no for our millennial readers as well. Keep reading for a log of my personal experience!


Luminisce Skin & Laser Clinic in BGC

Branch: 2nd Floor, Mercury Drug Bldg, 4th Avenue, 32nd St, Taguig City (but they also have one at The Podium in Ortigas)

While waiting for the Friday rush hour in Bonifacio Global City to pass, I dropped by Luminisce at the Mercury Drug Building along 32nd street – a few minute walk from my workplace. It’s just across St. Luke’s Medical Center and S&R Membership Shopping. You can even grab a bite from McDonald’s while on your way.

Interiors of the clinic. This is where they let guests wait for their turn.

Luminisce has a very posh interior – hues of gold, cream, and white will be surrounding you throughout your stay. It’s not too bright and not too dark so you’re ensured to have a relaxing stay. Unlike most skin clinics that only have curtains as dividers, you’ll be happily assisted by their staff to your OWN ROOM here. After filling out a sheet of paper, wellness expert and Luminisce founder Dra. Kaycee Reyes entered the room for a skin consultation. She was so nice to answer all our questions and patiently check if our “trouble spots” really are worth the trouble. I showed her my emerging double chin, of course, and that became the main area to be targeted by their Exilis Elite technology.

Private rooms where treatments are done.. You’ll have this all to yourself! Two thumbs up for privacy.


Exilis Elite is a skin tightening technology that can precisely target, tighten, and tone troubled areas of the face or any part of the body. It’s a go-to treatment for celebrities in the Philippines who want to remove stubborn fat for a slimmer, contoured face. (Arci Munoz even had this before the recent ABS-CBN Ball!) It uses radio frequency energy that is hot enough to make fat cells shrink and be permanently removed from your problem area. It doesn’t hurt but if you have a really sensitive skin, just let the attending dermatologists know so they can make the right adjustments. The gel that they apply makes the heat more bearable and it actually feels relaxing as the minutes go by.

The machine used for Exilis Elite treatment. It may look like a cooling equipment but this heats up a lot!

With Exilis Elite, we are able to tighten the skin as we are melting down stubborn fat. With this technology we’re able to provide a solution to treat abdominal fat or love handles, flabby arms and thighs, post-partum tummies, loose skin on the neck, and jowling in the face,” explained Dra. Kaycee. Compared with Ultherapy, which uses high-intensity focused ultrasound, Exilis Elite penetrates the fats that are located closer to the skin so it’s preferrable to do it every two weeks. “With age, we usually recommend Ultherapy to those who are aged 40 [and above], but with Exilis, anyone  can do it – as young as 20 years old.”

Before undergoing this treatment, keep in mind that consulting with a licensed dermatologist is a must before any procedure. After the face lifting session, you should still continue putting an effort on your diet and workout routine in order to maintain its effects.

That blue light by the tips is actually quite hot, but that’s what does the slimming trick!

Even though Dra. Kaycee already explained what will happen, Ms. Cynthia – the one who assisted me throughout my stay, also took me through every step and what each gel or steam or cream does to my face. I’ve learned a lot, actually! She even made sure that she wasn’t blocking the camera as I sheepishly document my experience.


 I know you guys and gals prefer visuals, so here’s a quick step-by-step peek:

1. Makeup remover and cleansers are applied before the treatment to ensure that no dirt will get inside your pores. This includes a quick facial massage that can help you relax.

2. A blast of Vitamin E is applied. This step really tickles since I have super sensitive skin. It’s like blasting cold air around your face.

3. Exilis Elite treatment begins. This step is divided into a few parts – 7 minutes along your chin, 4 minutes by the cheeks, and 2-4 minutes by the upper quadrants of your face. Again, the time will depend on how long you can take the heat. Gel is applied to make it bearable. After this, your face will again be cleansed to rinse off the gel.


Right after the treatment, you can already sense a bit of tightness in your skin. It’s similar to the feeling when your hair is in a very tight ponytail. Within just one week, I’ve noticed my cheekbones and jawline become more visible in my selfies. However, according to Luminisce personnel, full results of the treatment can be appreciated within two weeks after the first session.

The right side of my face has Exilis Elite effects – arched brows, slimmer cheeks, and a more v-shaped along the chin to the jawline. No Photoshop required.

Luminisce Skin & Laser Clinic ( gave me a few hours of relaxation and privacy before braving the Friday hustle of non-stop work. If the treatment gets too hot for you to handle (yup, that can happen), they’ll be happy to adjust for you. For that, I am very thankful! It’s also nice that everyone is all smiles even though they’re nearing closing time.


For best results, two to six sessions are recommended every two weeks or every month – depending on your skin condition. Some are already good to go within just two to three appointments! Price also varies depending on what the clinic recommends you to add with the Exilis Elite. They have a lot of facial and laser services to choose from and I got a Coqueel Peel with it for my blackheads and whiteheads! (More about this in my upcoming posts.)

Luminisce Skin & Laser Clinic

Got questions about the treatment? Let us know by commenting under our post and we’ll try to answer everything we can. You know where to go – Manila Millennial‘sFacebookInstagramand Twitter pages are always open. For inquiries and booking appointments at Luminisce, you can visit:

Call: (02) 511-8500

Facebook: Luminisce Skin Clinic 

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