COP HER STYLE: 5 of Margaret Zhang’s OOTD style staples

Millennials are known for being really good multitaskers and although we’ve been labeled as “Jack of all trades, master of none”, some still stand out with their multiple achievements in life. An example of which is Chinese-Australian photographer, model, director, stylist, and writer Margaret Zhang! A millennial style icon, Margaret has been in the fashion industry since 2009. Her Instagram serves as a portfolio for both of her artsy creations and her modeling stints, earning her almost one million followers as of writing.

Now, why are we following her? Aside from continuously admiring her pastel pink hair, we also get outfit ideas from her latest photos. To help you get a feel of her style, we rummaged through her pages in order to show 5 must-have style staples that you should definitely get in order to cop her look:


May it be a plaid, plain, or floral, blazers are a must-have to make even the most casual clothes look more chic and classy. Pair that with corsets, tank tops, cropped tops, or any sleeveless top and you’re good to go!  Being a fan of layered clothing, Margaret’s Instagram page is my treasure trove of style inspirations that can suit millennials – especially those who are already part of the work force.

2. Joggers

Athleisure meets fashion, joggers are making a comeback with a stylized version called button down joggers. This is usually paired with a plain top or a statement tee, but for Margaret, even floral tops can complete the look for laidback days. Complete your OOTD by strapping on a belt bag or fanny pack for your essentials.

3. Bold accessories

Margaret’s style reminds us to never be afraid to step out of our comfort zone. Her bold accessories always make a statement, helping her outfit stand out more in public. Aside from huge hoop earrings and multiple blings, she was one of the first few fashion icons who were able to master the art of using chokers – thick ones, to be exact. There is no such thing as over-accessorizing for this model!

4. Coordinates

I personally love shopping for coordinates since this makes life easier whenever I’m too preoccupied to think about which top looks best with my skirt, jeans, or trousers. Coords are my go-to solution since you can wear it with its pair or mix and match with a different set to create another look. Margaret’s choices never fail to amaze me as she shows no fear in pairing up bold colors or prints. From bright red hues to huge plaid prints, this gal can wear it with pride.

5. Heels

A little height booster won’t hurt. Aside from making your legs look a bit longer, heels have become a must-have for women since you can pair this with anything! Pointed shoes are very evident in Margaret’s Instagram posts, but it seems that she’s also a fan of bright-colored boots with chunky heels. There’s a different style for every occasion!

What can you say about her style? Is this something that you’d want to include in your wardrobe? Share your latest Margaret Zhang-inspired OOTDs by tagging Manila Millennial on Facebook,Twitter, or Instagram!

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