Getting to know star athlete Kianna Dy and celebrity Chie Filomeno + their beauty tip!

Being a strong athlete and a glamorous celebrity may seem like two different worlds but after getting fun facts about volleyball athlete Kianna Dy and actress/model Chie Filomeno, it seems that women have consistent things in common no matter how different their daily activities are.

Aside from fun facts about their lives, Kianna and Chie also shares how they manage to remain cool-headed and effortlessly fabulous every single day.

The Star Athlete: Kianna Dy

Aside from being a skilled volleyball player, Kianna is certainly on the rise to becoming one of the most popular internet stars. However, it’s not that surprising anymore since she’s proven to be an ultimate all-around girl. Her fans can attest to this! Here’s what we learned about this 23-year-old lady:

Kianna Dy

  1. Kianna makes sure to be up by 5:00 in the morning!

Twenty-four hours do not seem to ever be enough for Kianna — her days are almost always busy, so she immediately get up once her alarm sets off at 5 in the morning. There are times when she even has to shuffle between training in the court and attending events.

  1. Hair care is something she values

After a tiring morning of training, I always look forward to my long bath because after feeling dirty and sweaty, I get to finally pamper myself. My daily routine actually starts with my hair. I wash off all the oil and sweat with Head & Shoulders Supreme shampoo and conditioner. Afterwards, I continue with my skincare routine, which is not complicated at all. I just cleanse, tone, moisturize, and apply sunblock,” shares Kianna. “I don’t feel the need to switch it up because when you find something that works and is perfect for you, then you stick to it, right?”

  1. She prefers a “no makeup” makeup look

Her makeup routine highlights her natural features as it revolves around patting on a light foundation, keeping those sleek eyebrows in check, and swiping on a nude lippie! It’s a super simple routine for a girl who’s always on the go and ready to hit the court.

  1. She is a total book geek!

Kianna also loves her alone time where she can relax and just be herself. What people don’t usually know about her is that she is 100% a book lover! For her, reading motivational books helps keep her head in the game. Plus, she deems it necessary to have even just a little bit of quiet time each day where she can just simply read and unwind.

  1. She’s now into vlogging!

In case you missed it: Kianna recently started a vlog! She shares that she finds fulfillment when she is able to capture the moment to make it last, and she also likes sharing bits of her life with her followers to connect with them in a more personal level. Check out “Kim Kianna Dy” on YouTube to have a glimpse of her life.

The Trendy Celebrity: Chie Filomeno

No doubt that Chie Filomeno part of the up and coming celebrities in the industry today. She is known for her viral posts and bubbly personality. She has also been coined as the 2018 “Summer Body Goals” by ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

Chie Filomeno

  1. Chie is very time-conscious

Chie’s day usually starts pretty early. She wakes up at 6:00 AM to get ready for work and prepare for Showtime to meet her 8:00 AM call time. There are even times when she immediately has to go straight to another taping or shoot afterwards. To get through her jam-packed days, she simply makes sure to get the most out of her shower time with her favorite shampoo (Head & Shoulders Supreme), which easily provides her with a good hair day all day every day.

  1. This trendy girl is in love with her furbabies!

During Chie’s free time, she loves to bond with her family and lovely furbabies (dogs). She is now a mother to five dogs and she sets aside the time to walk her pets and play with them in the park. This also serves as her stress reliever and it makes her feel happy and calm at the same time.

  1. Even as a young girl, she knew she was meant to race!

“When I was a kid I wasn’t playing much with Barbie dolls. I actually had Hot Wheels and massive toy cars. There was even a time when my mom thought I was a tomboy when I was younger because I was very boyish and I didn’t have that much female friends. Given that, I learned driving secretly when I was 13 years old (sorry mum and dad)! Right then and there I knew that I was made to race. When I realized that, I tried out for Vios Cup and luckily, they wanted me in the team! WOOHOO! Dreams really do come true!,” shared Chie.

  1. Her advice: “Step out of your comfort zone!”

Growing up, Chie always loved to challenge herself. She always had this urge to continuously improve, and do things that are out of her comfort zone. This applies for surfing, cooking, and many more.

Being confident enough to face what the world has to offer is just one of the things that Chie wants to influence her followers to do. She also added that the best way to feel confident is to know that you have the best partner with you.

Chie and Kianna’s beauty tip:

(L) Kianna Dy and (R) Chie Filomeno

As these two striking personalities can attest to, the best hair care routine doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right formulation, you can get an effective way to keep your scalp dandruff and itch-free, and get that luscious, soft, and smooth hair.

Here’s a little secret: I get a boost of confidence whenever my hair looks good. I guess I’m pretty lucky to have luscious hair and that’s all thanks to Head & Shoulders Supreme for making it happen. We all have our best friends, and Head & Shoulders Supreme happens to be mine!,” Chie explained.

Head & Shoulders Supreme contains Scalp Actives (Micro Zinc) and Argan Crème to deliver rich, intensive scalp moisture, and combines it with unique ingredients depending on what variant you choose–Honey for smoother hair, Orchid Perfume for additional moisture, and Avocado Oil for colour protection. The result is a shampoo formulation that provides better hair and scalp benefits for #HairSoLuscious.

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