No strings attached: JBL T450BT wireless headphones can last for 11 hours!

As someone who works in an industry that is deeply embedded in digital and social media, getting equipment that deliver quality results are a must. Aside from phones, laptops, and cameras, another must-have in my bag would be an audio device – headphones or earphones. However, there are times when my earphones get me into trouble like getting magically tangled in my bag when I need it ASAP or getting tangled into someone else’s stuff while they’re exiting a jam-packed train (worst so far!).

I decided to try using headphones for commute in the last few weeks and if you’re following us on Instagram, you’ve probably seen our posts about the JBL by Harman T450BT wireless headphones. Before you buy this in JBL stores, here’s a quick review for you to determine if it fits your type:

JBL T450BT box


Neatly packaged!

Together with the headphones, you’ll find a charging cable, a small safety booklet with quick start guide, and a warranty card. The item is securely strapped inside the box by small bendable wires.


You can bring it everywhere without the hassle of connecting wires and removing tangles.

These on-ear wireless headphones that come in blue and black colors bring in awesome bass sounds. This is because of its 32mm drivers that reproduce the powerful JBL Pure Bass sound that can be enjoyed in bigger venues. Because it perfectly fits my ear, putting the volume higher helps me concentrate on the music and cancel other worldly noises. Would recommend this for those who use music to calm their minds.

What I love most about it is that it’s wireless and flat-folding. It’s very lightweight and comfortable to wear – as long as you’re not wearing it for 11 hours straight (or that’s just me). It would take that long before the headphones show signs of having low battery.

It’s connected to a device through a Bluetooth 4.0. After connecting it, no need to press anywhere else because every control that you’ll need can be found at the earcup. It just takes some time for you to memorize the position of the four buttons – play/pause, skip, volume up and volume down.

Pretty decent price for something this compact, too!


You can easily see the texture of the headphones in this photo.

If there’s one main room for improvement in the product, it would be the material used in the ear pads. It feels very thin so I constantly have a fear of it getting ripped if I listen with my earrings on or if I bring it with me without putting it in a pouch. It’s made from plastic and the headband doesn’t contain cushions so there’s a tendency for your head to hurt a bit if you don’t adjust it to perfectly fit you. Adjusting the headband also makes my heart skip a bit from time to time because of the loud clicks it makes every time you pull the ear piece. Not much of a disadvantage, though.


Closer look at the controls!


A JBL T450BT usually costs around P3,000 when bought in a mall, but I can see some that are only sold at around P2,500 in online shops.


BRB, off to enjoy my music.

Will I buy again? Probably, when needed because I love the look of the black one and it’s already a steal for something wireless and lightweight! However, I’m still waiting for JBL to improve the ear pad coating to something thicker and less wrinkled just to ensure that it will last longer. If this gets fixed together with a bit of extra comfort in the headband, it will truly deserve a 10/10 rating.

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