Throwback: Before mobile dating apps, there’s this thing we call ‘blind dates’

Back in the days when mobile dating apps, online chat rooms, and social media haven’t been widely used yet, people relied on mutual acquaintances and speed-dating type of events to meet new people who are also looking for a special someone. How do I know? Because I’m a millennial who was born early enough to catch a glimpse of this practice and just in time when digital platforms started popping out here and there.

For our Generation Z readers’ reference, a “blind date” happens when two strangers meet-up with the help of a friend or relative. There’s an element of surprise because you only have other people’s matchmaking skills and standards to rely on in determining if the set-up is worth it. The third party is usually the one who arranges the first date and the pair can take it on from there if they want to continue seeing each other. Why do people do it? Probably for the thrill of it and starting from scratch, unlike now that you can hunt and do a thorough check on someone just by going online.

Just imagine the thrill of mystery as you nervously await the big reveal at a fancy restaurant. Not all blind dates end in romance, though, but the lack of expectations that come with online dating has a way of opening minds and hearts to a lasting relationship.

The Good

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With a good matchmaker who personally knows both parties, there’s a better chance of meeting someone compatible with you. No need to sift through profiles to find someone who interests or is interested in you. All you have to do is show up and have fun. That is, if you trust the person who referred you to take that leap of faith!

The Bad

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There’s no getting-to-know stage prior the meet-up unlike with dating apps. You also won’t know how the other person looks like until you see each other.  Plus, you can’t bail right away if there’s something off about the person’s vibe. On the other hand, your possible date would probably be just as anxious, so relax and focus on bringing out your best self.

The Ugly

(From ‘First Dates’/ Blue Ant Entertainment)

Any date comes with the risk of disaster. Just scour the Internet and you’ll find plenty of horror (and sometimes funny) stories, from total creepers with bizarre fetishes to those getting matched with an ex—you’d wonder if the matchmaker was playing a prank. At least you’ll have something juicy to tell your friends afterwards!

Regardless of the outcome, blind dates used to bring a sense of adventure to the quest for love. If you haven’t tried them or are curious about what happens, you can catch a lot of examples from the British reality television show First Dates. The show involves maître d’ Fred Sirieix and his crew pairing romantic hopefuls over dinner at Central London’s Paternoster Chop House in hopes of getting them to fall in love. Awkward, funny, passionate, and sometimes painful, each scenario is a story worth watching (at least for us, for entertainment and somehow educational purposes!).

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