Buy or bye: New Careline Kiss Sticks, products featured in Andrea Brillantes’ new TVC

Making the most out of the last few days of extremely hot weather here in the Philippines, Manila Millennial joined Careline’s Summer Send-Off party at the Sugar Factory in Shangri-La, The Fort last Wednesday (May 30, 2018) together with our blogger pals. Lots of summer-lovin’ gals and guys were present at the event to kiss the hot afternoons away with daring games, sweet drinks, and colorful lips c/o Careline’s much-awaited Careline Kiss Sticks!

These “Better than Basic” Kiss Sticks come in 12 colors that can fit every girl’s mood for the day. These were also the highlight in Careline endorser Andrea Brillantes’ new TVC, along with metallic mattes, blush-ons, and mascaras. Before we tell you more about our first impression on some of the products, watch this:

We were in awe as Andrea shared her experience behind the scenes of the new TVC. As sweet and spunky as she may seem in the 33-second video, the 15-year-old actress recalls being afraid of popping the balloon in the last scene but according to her, that was nothing compared to the fun takes that highlight her favorite lipstick shades and products. Her favorite in the Kiss Sticks line? The Martian! She actually wore it during the launch while carrying a lollipop. Such a cutie!

Endorser Andrea Brillantes wearing Careline Kiss Stick Martian shade.


The Careline Kiss Sticks are available in 12 versatile shades: All Day, Edge, Fruit Punch, Grrrl, Just Better, Lady Like, Lucid, Mantra, Martian, Native, Pinch, and Vacay.

What I like most about these versatile colors is its easy-to-blend formula that you can opt to mix and match for ombre lips. One swipe already looks vibrant but you can also build it up for a stronger color. Although it can easily be removed and transferred, the product feel lightweight on the lips and most importantly, it won’t leave your lips dry unlike other liquid matte lippies. The Kiss Sticks feel like a normal lipstick with a matte effect.

Kiss Stick in Lady Like shade when applied.

The packaging is very simple and neat, it almost looks like a crayon that kids would use! It also has a sharpener at the bottom to help you get that perfectly outlined pout. These factors add fun and youthful vibe to the product. 9/10 would recommend!

Verdict: BUY! Definitely.


Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Prince, when applied.

Careline’s Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick has already been in the market for months, but it’s our first time to try its unique Prince shade. The liquid lipstick is easy to swipe, easy to build up in order to bring out a bolder color, stays on your lips for a long time, and has a metallic finish that calls for more selfie moments. Although it’s pigmented, it still has a tendency to transfer a bit especially while eating.

Melted Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Prince.

The packaging is very shiny and very much represents the color of what’s inside – metallic! The shades can be quite challenging to pair with outfits and occasions, but if you love experimenting with unconventional shades, then this line is for you.

Verdict: Buy (as needed)


Oil control blush-on in Starlight Shine.

At an affordable price, you’ll already be able to get a pigmented and long-lasting pop of color on your cheeks that is enriched with Vitamin E. I’m not a fan of heavy pink blush-ons so the Starlight Shine shade is just perfect for adding minimal contour by our cheek bones.

It’s in an easy-to-carry packaging that can surely fit in anyone’s makeup pouch or pockets. It comes with a small applicator for those who need to retouch within the day.

Verdict: BUY!


Go Big! Mascara when applied.

For natural-looking eyelashes that are volumized and long, you can go big with Careline’s Go Big! Mascara. The triple-ball shaped wand creates a variety in the length of the user’s eyelashes. It can add volume when applied multiple times due to its buildable formula with little to no tendency of smudging even on a hot day. Very lightweight, too!

Go Big! Mascara packaging

Verdict: Buy!

Drugstore makeups like Careline may have a lower price point compared to high-end brands but if the effect and shade is almost the same, we’d stick to the former! After all, every peso counts for thrifty millennials.

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