Skip the queue! These world-class clay masks are made here in the Philippines

Finding the right clay mask can be challenging, especially if you have a combination of oily and dry areas on your face. Not everyone has the same skin problem as well. Some prefer to have glowing skin, some would rather have a well-moisturized face, some would go for pore tightening, and the list goes on. We’ve been through the same dilemma and even risked lining up store to store just to find the true Holy Grail of clay masks, only to find that treasure trove of skin essentials in our homeland – the Philippines.

Cleopatra’s Secret – Natural Skin Care sells products online and through bazaars in malls around the Metro. We spotted their pop-up stall in Glorietta last April 16.

Next time you go hunting for skin care products, skip the queue and check these locally-made clay masks that are fit for Filipinos’ skin. Cleopatra’s Secret – Natural Skin Care has created different types of clay masks that are suit for all ages and skin types. Each ingredient has been carefully grown and picked – some are even exported from foreign countries, and mixed to perfection to help hydrate skin, remove excess oils, detoxify, and help improve the appearance of your pores.

Cleopatra’s Secret founder Kaye Monares was kind enough to give her recommendations based on her assessment on our skin’s needs during our visit. Here’s a peek at the effects of some of the products that have contributed to our relaxing sleep for the past weeks:


Don’t let its color and consistency fool you! Once applied, you can instantly feel a tingling sensation on your skin as it dries. That means its ingredients are starting to work!

Known in Europe an alternative to the “Fountain of Youth”, the European Thermal Moor Mud has powerful microcirculation and anti-aging properties that aids in skin softening and moisturizing. It’s so rich in nutrients to the point that you’ll feel as if your face is a bit oily a few hours after using it.

This can be used both on your face and body and is 100% vegan!


Magical Love Potion – we’re not familiar with the ingredients, but it’s so relaxing!

Used to achieve a radiant, glowing skin while boosting your stamina. It is also capable of reducing monthly breakouts by strengthening your skin and increase collagen production.

Trivia: The mix contains a powerful aphrodisiac that has been used over thousands of years. Don’t worry, though! It’s known to help with anxiety and stress.


Common items you’ll need in applying face masks: A small container for your clay, water, a brush (or you can also use your fingers) and a mirror.

Cleopatra’s Secret Seaweed Antioxidant Face Mask after application and after it dries on your skin.

A personal favorite in my loot, the Seaweed Antioxidant Face Mask has a very relaxing scent similar to the scented oils that are used in spas. It provides long-lasting hydration through its powerful anti-aging ingredients, helps tighten pores, and eliminates toxins from the skin.

After using it, your face instantly feels smooth and tightened. Definitely a must-try, especially in areas where large open pores are concentrated.


1.Put 1 to 2 scoops of clay powder in a small container

2.Slowly add 1-2 scoops of water and mix until you get a thick paste

3.Apply evenly on your skin or trouble areas

4.Wait for 10-15 minutes

5.Once dry, quickly rinse off with water

Extra tips: Best to use with Cleopatra’s Secret facial wash (I used Lemongrass) for gentle cleansing 3-4x a week for best results, 2 months upon purchase. You can also top off your skin care routine with Cleopatra’s Secret Rosewater Toner and Facial Moisturizer.

Cleopatra’s Secret Lemongrass Facial Wash – very light on the face, thanks to its all-natural ingredients.


You can order online through their Instagram and Facebook page or visit their stalls in bazaars all over the Metro. Prices vary per size: P300 for 35g, P400 for 55g, and P550 for 80g.

Visit their pop-up booth at the Glorietta Bazaar (2nd floor near So Fab!) from May 14-20, 2018 and get masks for 20% off. You’ll instantly get P1000 off when you purchase 10 masks in one go for your multi-masking needs. Invite your friends over for overnight skin care parties!

Cleopatra’s Secret has all the basic skin care needs. We assure you!

For more details, visit:

Facebook: Cleopatra’s Secret – Natural Skin Care 

Instagram: @cleopatrassecretph   COMING SOON!


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