FotoGo: A new travel buddy, affordable pocket printer for sentimental millennials

Taking photos have already become a necessity in the lives of most millennials. May it be for the sake of art, a hobby, for social media updates, or as a reminder of memorable events that happen every day. Although everything can easily be shared online after taking photos, selfies, or wefies on your phone, printouts still have a special place in our hearts.

Aside from wallet-size photos of you or your loved ones that you can keep in your wallet, a consistent trend for our age group would be Pinterest-inspired room and desk designs that involve photo prints of our favorite moments. Some planners also have space for photos so you can look back at special moments even without your gadgets. With these situations in mind, we’ve been on the lookout for photo printers that can be used with our mobile phones.

What you’ll need for FotoGo: a mobile phone and a cartridge for printing.

Meet the FotoGo Pocket Photo Printer, a printer that works with a user-friendly mobile application where you can edit your photos to ensure a vibrant-colored finish. Compared with other similar tech, FotoGo’s prints are waterproof and fingerprint-proof – making it ideal for keepsake purposes.

Capture, print, and share everywhere you go!

Another thing we love about this is that it can print any photo you have on your phone. So, if you want a printout of quotes or notes in wallet-size, you just simply need to crop it properly and print. Easy peasy.

Printer dimensions: 3” x 5.2” x 2” (about the size of my palm)

Print size: 2.1” x 3.4” sticker photo paper (wallet size)

Printing time: Less than 1 minute, in 3 ink coatings with a waterproof finish

First: Yellow ink

Second: Red ink

Third: Blue + Photo finish!

How to use it:

Simply download the FotoGo app (available in both Android and iOS), load the cartridge, turn on the FotoGo Pocket Photo Printer, connect your phone via Bluetooth, open the mobile application, choose photos and add filters/designs that you prefer, wait for it to print. That’s it!

Of course, we had to test if it really is waterproof. Well, it is! The only problem would be the sides of the printout which tends to absorb a bit of water by the frames. Not that bad, though! Definitely worth considering if you’re looking for full-frame photo printouts.

Price: FotoGo will be available in leading distribution stores nationwide soon for the price of P5,999.

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Download the FotoGo app by clicking the links below:

Android: Google Play

iOS: iTunes Store


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