Brands with picture-perfect booths at #Connect2018: Festival of Stories

Showcasing multiple brands and making your audience interact with them within a limited space may seem like a challenging thing to do, just like connecting stories that are totally unrelated with one another. Imagine putting together booths for building materials, fuel, food, medicine, mobile products, and refreshments (to name a few) in one floor! It sounds like a crazy set of display, but NGP Integrated Marketing Communications was able to pull it off at #Connect2018: Festival of Stories.

Like how they were able to seamlessly connect brands, NGP brought together online media and bloggers at Twin Oaks Place in Mandaluyong last Saturday (March 17, 2018). Different picture-perfect installations were set-up and your resident millennial couldn’t help but take photos everywhere. Here’s a peek at last weekend’s shindig, which you can use as an inspiration for your future DIY photobooths:


Freebies were given away to everyone who registers at the Greenfield Development Corporation booth by the venue’s entrance. Attendees got the chance to win cash, umbrellas, bottles of wine, or gift certificates.


To showcase their partner banking system – China Bank Savings, NGP created a wall with coins (and chocolate coins) that spelled out #Connect2018. It’s so shiny! Those who will be able to guess the total amount of coins on the wall won a special prize.


Nothing beats a classic game! It’s fun to play Jenga, but playing with GIANT JENGA blocks are waaay better. Bloggers competed with their friends in this area sponsored by Cemex, a multinational building materials company.


ARC Refreshments Corporation brought in a challenging game. Similar to ring toss games that we see in amusement parks, the rules of the “Toss Like a Boss” game is pretty simple. Shoot four rings, and you’ll get instant entries to their raffle draw. (We’re really bad at this, by the way!)


This is my favorite installation at #Connect2018. It’s from AJ Research and Pharma, a healthcare and life sciences company here in the Philippines. Although made from paper, the backdrop of the area exudes tropical vibes and all the other designs seem to scream that summer is here.


(Photo courtesy of NGP Integrated Marketing Communications)

Another crowd favorite – the ring light! Everyone loved how this booth produced quality images which were sent directly by QuirkIt to our email addresses DURING the event. Easy peasy!


Another interactive game from Greenfield Development Corporation, this booth shows off how fun augmented reality games can be. Sorry, no photo!


Arigatou! This area’s complete with props and a lantern backdrop that can inspire anyone to pack their bags and fly to Japan ASAP.


We’d love to take this to the pool with us, but we’ll just pose with this cute unicorn inflatable for now.

Of course, after exploring all the booths, we had to replenish our energy with food. Thanks to Fisher Farms’ yummy meals, we were able to cap off the night with happy hearts and tummies.

NGP President Nancy G. Pascual also welcomed all the attendees and reiterated how blogging has played an important role in the digital landscape. We couldn’t agree more! ♥

The night was filled with a lot of giveaways as well and your Manila Millennial was able to get gift certificates from Prettylooks- an aesthetic institution, and iDeal of Sweden – which sells lovely phone accessories. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for instant updates and a peek at our future features. You can also join us and #ConnectYourStory by following:

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