#PicturesInFull: A look at how Sony α7Riii redefines image quality, resolution

Every photographer aims to capture superb image quality in the photos they take, ensuring that every image captured retains the beauty of what is seen. In the world of mirrorless cameras, Sony has proven itself a leader with its full-frame A7 series, and this was clearly evident when the brand engaged their ambassadors and influencers to a #PicturesInFull campaign and series of workshops that showcased the quality of these Alpha cameras.

Employing top-of-the-line technology to ensure optimal resolution, dynamic range, and fast processing speed and shooting response, Sony’s a7 series full-frame cameras are where quality meets superb functionality and moments captured are just as inspiring as the real-life image. To add to this already impressive line-up of products Sony’s recently launched α7Riii provides photographers with the ultimate full-frame advantage to capture moments in amazing quality.

Here are sample photos highlighting the camera’s special features:

Photographer Nigel Laxamana showed his audience how exciting advertising photography can be by recreating a shoot on colour paints splashing out of paint tins. This highlights A7Riii’s supreme sensitivity and 5-axis image stabilization.

Photographer Paco Guerrero did a demo on Editorial Photography highlighting the large megapixel sensor of the camera as well as the fantastic dynamic range. His demo showed Sony a7Riii’s ability to capture soft, sensual beauty even by using the simplest props.

Portrait photographer Pilar Trigo Bonnin used a7Riii to show her take on motion photography with a ballerina as subject highlighting the camera’s high-speed continuous shooting, which delivers superior AF coverage, speed and tracking performance

Fashion photographer Charisma Lico experimented with neon lights testing the Sony a7Riii’s capacity to stretch the limits of light and color.

Professional photographers and photography enthusiasts saw the versatility and prowess of the newest Alpha camera through a series of photography sessions conducted by top photography professionals across industries. Paco Guerrero, Charisma Lico, Nigel Laxamana and Pilar Trigo Bonnin inspired enthusiasts and aspiring professionals alike, through their captured images that showcased the outstanding detail, sensitivity, and quality of the α7Riii.

(From L-R) Sony Philippines Marketing Communications Officer Denise Olarte, Sony Philippines Product Marketing Officer Jv Ruanto together with Sony Ambassadors and Influencers, Paco Guerrero, Charisma Lico, Nigel Laxamana and Pilar Trigo Bonnin for Sony’s #PicturesInFull campaign.

The Sony α7Riii is available in Sony stores nationwide for PHP 179,999.00 (Net Cash Price). For more details, visit:

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