Sing Live 2 Live: Voicing support for lung cancer awareness

Different types of cancer have already taken away a lot of lives worldwide. It’s time to educate ourselves on how to help prevent having more cases in the future by sharing factual information and keeping our bodies healthy. One of the most common and non-inherited type is lung cancer. In 2017, the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology reported that lung cancer is part of the top 5 cancers in the Philippines that lead to death.

As part of its strong commitment to raise lung cancer awareness in the Philippines, the Hope From Within: Test, Talk, Take Action coalition recently celebrated the advocacy’s milestones in an event called Sing Live 2 Live, with people singing to voice their support for lung cancer awareness. The event was led by advocacy ambassador and respected news anchor Diego Castro.

Castro, who lost his father to lung cancer a few years back, shared: “Sing Live 2 Live is meant to let everyone know, especially those suffering from lung cancer and their families that they can look forward to 2018 with greater hope. They are not in this fight alone.  The Hope from Within family is here. The members of this coalition are always proactive and committed in giving support. I honour those continuing the fight. It’s never easy, but now, totally not impossible to win.”

Hope From Within: Test, Talk, and Take Action Against Lung Cancer is a coalition composed of the Department of Health, Philippine Society of Oncologists, Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations, and biopharmaceutical company MSD Philippines, among others.

The coalition exists to inspire hope as new treatments, like immunotherapy, become available to cancer patients. In 2017, they organized several informative discussions that promote testing for lung cancer. Sing Live 2 Live is a culmination of such events, looking back at what has been accomplished and looking forward to more opportunities to inspire hope.

Be part of the conversation. Use the hashtags #TestTalkTakeAction and #LungCancerPH to voice your support for lung cancer awareness.

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