3 Gift-giving blunders that can be avoided through an #SMGiftCard

You know what’s trending during the “Season of Sharing”? Gifts, gifts, gifts!

As the holiday spirit fills the air, we find ourselves going through the tides of the season’s rush. From dashing out to complete last-minute Christmas gifts to trying to squeeze in as many gatherings as possible, we find the true meaning of this Yuletide celebration. However, thinking of practical gifts to give to your loved ones can be a challenge when you know that other friends and family members will also be looking for items on a recipient’s Christmas wish list.

Luckily, we can address a few things this Holiday Season through the use of personalized SM Gift Cards! Just look at three situations we can avoid with this unique gift:

Our SM Gift Card is ready to go!

1. Gift duplication

Receiving multiple items are okay if it’s something generic like utensils or a pillow, but what about multiple shoes or dresses of the same brand and style? By giving your loved ones a gift card, this can easily be avoided and they’ll also have a chance to get other things they like after the holiday bustle.

‘Tis the season of sharing. ♥

2. Items for exchange

Exchanging items to a different color or size can take up so much time. Worst case is if you’ve lost the receipt of the item you’ve given. Better to give something that can be used than just given away or recycled for next Christmas (yes, this happens!).

Here’s a closer look at a holiday sleeve and a gift card worth P500.

3. Wrong gift

The receiver won’t tell you but they may not like what you’ve given. Skip this mess and be the best gift-giver this Christmas by slipping in SM Gift Cards with a sweet note to your loved ones.

The SM Gift Card is available in two color variants – red and gray, in three denominations – ranging from P500, P1000, and P2000. All cards are available for purchase at any The SM Store branch, definitely making it a perfect gift this season! To complete the package, make sure to pair your SM Gift Card with its colorful and youth-seeming limited-edition Gift Card sleeves for only P20 each. Its convenience, accessibility, and personalization elevate the cozy and genuine feeling brought about by the holiday season.

Let’s share the gift of Christmas and celebrate this Yuletide Season with the SM Gift Card.

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