Bloggo PH x Symply G: How I take care of my hair

Heya, famillennials! It’s been a while since I’ve posted about our ‘Road to Ash Blonde Journey’ and how my hair went through a tedious coloring process. Since my hair’s already on its permanent color (no more traces of gray), I’m going back to hair treatments to get it ready for a new look this 2018. With these preparations, I thought of summing up the top five recurring tips we’ve received from my trusted salon stylists under one post.

After all, we all need to take care of our crowning glory – no matter how long or short!

Hairshaft Salon’s Ash Blonde x Choco during its first few months this 2017.

My favorite shade – brown! (Year 2016)

L’Oreal Mahogany Burgundy shade, back in 2015.

Background: I have really thin hair strands that are prone to breakage, yet I love having it colored differently every year. It’s already been through mahogany-burgundy, blonde, brown, pink (streaks), choco shades, and ash blonde phases. Every time I visit the salon, I make sure to ask my stylists about hair care. No matter where I go, there are five tips I always hear:

1.Apply conditioner 1-2 inches away from the scalp and tie it up.

When taking a bath, don’t put conditioner directly on your scalp to avoid irritation. Tie or clip your hair up and leave on the conditioner until you’ve finished washing your body. This will give the conditioner ample time to seep through hair cuticles and work their magic.

2.Massage shampoo gently into your scalp and avoid scratching too hard!

Even during days when you’re in a hurry, avoid scratching your scalp and roots as this may lead to hair fall and irritation. Believe me, you wouldn’t like the feeling of small open wounds on your head.

3.Dry your hair before going out or tying it up.

If you don’t have enough time to blow-dry your hair, get ready in front of an electric fan so your hair can dry up naturally. Comb it from time to time to prevent frizz. This is way better than exposing your wet hair to pollution outside your home. You won’t see it with the naked eye but icky particles tend to stick to your hair easier when its wet.

4.Seek expert help instead of relying on DIY videos.

DIY treatments and colors may look so easy to do. No doubt about being super affordable, too. However, some of the “hacks” shown are not healthy for your hair (e.g. Crepe Paper Hair Color). Rather than trying to jump in the bandwagon, go visit your stylist a few times every year. They know what’s best for us. They wouldn’t spend months or years trying to study about hair care and styling if it’s not worth it!

5.Use shampoo and conditioner brands that have good ingredients.

The amount of bubbles that a product produces and the fragrance it gives off should not be your main basis for a purchase. Some of the best products are the ones with less of these. It’s best to check the ingredients first to prevent scalp irritation.

Speaking of which, here’s my latest discovery – Symply G Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner.      

Symply G Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner in 22ml sachets.

It’s got Keratin – which helps strengthen hair strands, and Argan Oil- which promotes healthy hair growth by moisturizing each strand and repairing damage. This is a good combination if you want your hair to become more manageable and less frizzy. I’ve only used it for a week but I’m already loving the effects on my hair and the scent that it leaves. My scalp is pretty sensitive and it’s worth noting that I didn’t encounter any problem. Also skipped using my hair iron for quite some time now!

Plus, Symply G products are super affordable. Each 22ml sachet only costs P6 at all Puregold Supermarkets nationwide, while 220ml bottles are priced at P83 each. Who says taking care of your locks should be expensive?

It’s FDA-approved and has recently been awarded with Q Asia’s Seal of Product and Quality Service as the Best Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner Brand at the 12th National Product Quality Excellence Awards.


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