THE NEST FOOD & LIFESTYLE PARK: Where leisure strolls in a food-filled park is possible

Food parks may sound like something that is “so last season”, so a new contender from Taguig City added a twist to their business! Call your friends and flock to this new hangout spot in town:

Let us tour you around! More photos coming up.

The Nest, which opened last September, was envisioned to serve as a nestling place where people can relax, play, and dine in without getting pressured to give up their seat for the other customers. There are tables in front of every food stall and visitors are also given the option to sit on the grass – picnic-style. Sounds very homey, right?

It was inspired by nest-type architecture from Thailand, that’s why you’ll see twig-like designs at the façade of the food and lifestyle park. It’s also a coincidence that the initials of the owner, Neil Estacio, contains the word “nest”.

It’s not just a food park – it’s also a lifestyle park

Around 36 concessionaires are here!

It gets a bit crowded around 8 PM, but it’s manageable.

Spotted: K-shack! ♥

“The idea of the owner is to convert it into a lifestyle park so it’s a mixed use of space – there are a total of 36 stalls but majority are food stalls and then the others are retail and services,” explains Donna Sanchez, Property Manager of The Nest.

“Here in Taguig, we don’t have a park. If you want to go to a park, you’ll need to go to the other side – Bonifacio Global City, where there’s always heavy traffic even though it’s just a few kilometers away from here,” added Donna on why they thought of building The Nest away from the hustle and bustle of BGC life.

What’s special about this food and lifestyle park?

1. No food duplication.

No one’s too old for The Pacifier!

Lush Up with a pitcher of pink lemonade for only P95.

The management practices food lockout so visitors can have a wider range of choices and so that their concessionaires won’t be in constant competition with one another.

Give & Bake, Kesariya, A Taste of Heaven, I Will Serve Ice, and The Pacifier serve desserts and other sweet treats; Concocktions and Lush Up serve drinks; while the rest – Luchador, Tuna Belle, Nori Sushiburrito, Cuco Felice, Beach Please, Paniks, BBQ Boss, Sizzling Sir, Shifudo Yatai, Halal Kabab, Oishi Doha, Sumo’s Daidokoro, F2, Happy Sausage, Hatch, Raftel, and K-Shack – are food concessionaires with different specialties.

2. Offers more than just food.

Karaoke room at PEDXingr, only P1,500 for 2-4 pax for 2 hours, with free live recording, food, and drinks!

At the South Wing of The Nest, you can spot six spaces devoted for services. However, only PEDXingR – a karaoke and recording studio in one, is currently open. There are two karaoke rooms and you can also order booze for a fun night with your friends. “The Hatch”, a retail store, will be opening soon!

DJs and bands also entertain their guests from time to time. Just visit The Nest’s Facebook page for more details about upcoming gigs.

3. Picnics are welcome.

South wing steps to the grassy area.

The 1,400 square meter property has areas covered in grass. Visitors may opt to sit down there or borrow mats and pillows from the management office (beside F2 stall) for a food-filled picnic. Food bought outside The Nest are not allowed, though.

4. Can’t stress this enough: It’s really spacious.

View from the second floor deck.

Pathways at the ground floor.

The amphitheater, with more seats and tables.

The Nest values personal space and they also care about families who need to bring their kids with them; thus, ramps and spacious pathways that can fit strollers were made. There’s an allotted space for smoking, for parking, and basically everything you need for your afternoon (or evening) stroll.

“We want it to be very spacious, very airy, [so] you won’t feel claustrophobic. It’s more open spaces and more greens. It’s a multi-level park as well – we have a sunken amphitheater, we have an elevated picnic area. There’s variation when it comes to height,” adds Donna.

5. Instagrammable and very vibrant.

Graffiti walls at the picnic area.

It may look like an ordinary food park from the outside, but inside the property, you’ll see chairs of different colors, food stalls with different themes, and a picnic area with graffiti designs for your next Instagram photo. At the second level of the food park, you’ll find a deck with a net, similar to hammock-like nets in Maldives, where people can sit. You can’t jump here, though, but it’s nice for photos.

Nets by the second floor deck.

Millennial tip: Visit earlier than 8 PM if you want to avoid their peak hours. P250 is already enough if you want a decent meal, but do bring at least P500 if you want to try everything – from snacks to dessert.

Food Shots:

Huge Bacon and Cheese Chicken Wings from Raftel (P195)

Chelo Kabab from Halal Kabab Express (P189)

1L Pink Lemonade from Lush Up (P95)

Different pastries from Kesariya.

“I Want Some S’Mores, Baby!” waffle cone from The Pacifier (P175)

Fly to The Nest, located at 886 Cayetano Avenue, Palingon, Tipas in Taguig City. Near Vista Mall, a few kilometers away from Petron C5. It’s open from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM every Sunday to Thursday and until 2:00 AM every Friday and Saturday.

Drop by and don’t forget to use their official hashtags: #ParkLife and #TheNestTaguig!

Special thanks to Clint Celis and Donna Sanchez of The Nest for inviting us to tour their wonderful food and lifestyle park. We’ll surely come back!

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