UPSIDE DOWN MUSEUM: 7 tips to nail your topsy-turvy photos, what to expect, how much to pay

It’s time to try defying gravity, I think I’ll try defying gravity and you can’t pull me down – even if it’s just in photos. Defying Gravity from Wicked has been playing in my head as I look at how magical each photo from our Upside Down Museum experience turned out.

Here’s the facade of the museum. You’ll see furry pals around, but don’t worry – they don’t bite!

You can already start taking photos outside.

The Upside Down Museum, located at the CCP Complex in Pasay City, is said to be the biggest topsy-turvy attraction in Asia with 22 galleries within 1,700 square meters. Their galleries include a sideways kitchen, a kid’s room in a sloping position, a levitation area, a huge carton of milk, a giant foot and headset, an upside-down façade of a house, and everything else in topsy turvy — a bridge, a bedroom, office, living room, bathroom, laundry area, kitchen, and a garage. Expect the photo areas to either make you look really small or funny if not upside-down. They also have an afro-hair board, a wall where people can pretend to be hit by Cupid’s arrow or a neon line, a life-size Barbie box, and magazine covers.

This would’ve been better if it was taken eye-level. Take note!

I want that huge teddy bear!


Compared to upside-down galleries in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan, the Philippines’ version boasts of a bigger set of illusions. It doesn’t stop there! From what we’ve heard, they might add more in the future.

To be honest, we wouldn’t be able to make our photos look a bit realistic and enjoy the galleries without the museum’s accommodating staff who are always ready to lend a helping hand. We didn’t know what to expect during our visit, so here are 5 quick tips for you so you won’t come in unprepared:

  1. Don’t be shy to experiment with different poses.
  2. Ask for assistance when you have no other choice. Ms. Chona was super nice and she even suggested poses for us to do. It’s like having a photographer and director in one.
  3. Look for photo pegs before visiting. Check photos at the @upsidedownmuseum_ph Instagram account for ideas or check out our sample photos below.
  4. Take more than one photo in different areas. There’s no limit in the number of shots you can take!
  5. Don’t get pressured when there’s someone waiting for you to leave the area.
  6. Tie your hair and wear non-flowy skirts/ dresses if you plan to make your photos realistic.
  7. No need to take an Uber, Grab, or a cab if you’ll be coming from the World Trade Center area. You can already walk from the parking lot across WTC.

More photos:

Going down for breakfast.

He did it better.

Welcome to our humble abode!

It’s located at 5853 Upside Down Street. Tee-hee!

Here, you have the living room.

And here’s the kitchen.

What cookin’, good lookin’?

Getting some food.

Making sure that everything’s squeaky clean.

Time to work, work, work, work, work.

This house has way too many rooms.

Let’s put things into perspective.

You can’t miss this telephone booth-turned-fish tank.

Beware of the foot.

The average stay in the interactive museum is two hours, but you can opt to stay longer if you’d like to make the most out of your visit. Paying a P450 entrance fee is no joke these days. It’s open from 11 am – 9 pm from Tuesday to Sunday, but we strongly suggest that you visit on a weekday around 7 pm to avoid field trips and tourist trips in the area.

If you have a huge bag with you or other unnecessary items, you may leave it in the locker area together with your I.D. It’s just beside the small cafeteria inside the museum.

Make sure to ask for assistance!

Buy drinks and food after your visit. It’s quite tiring, believe me.

You can also buy an entrance pass worth P599 – inclusive of a ride-all-you-can ticket to Star City, which is just beside the museum. If you’re really iffy about paying that much, then just wait for promos and holiday treats. Last Halloween (October 31, 2017), they offered free entrance to those who visited the museum in complete costume. For more details, visit their website and follow their social media pages for updates.

Take a roadtrip down South soon and head over to the CCP Complex in Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City. You’ll see the museum’s logo as soon as you reach the parking lot across the entrance of the World Trade Center. If you get lost, look for Star City’s star tower. You’re quite near if that comes into view!

Bye! See you around!

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