IN PHOTOS: Up close with the furry babies of Paws & Play Café

Looking at photos of cats and dogs help soothe our tired souls while at work or in school. In fact, studies show that dogs can help reduce stress (as long as they’re not running angrily after you), so we visited another pet café within the Metro that promises a relief from the negative vibes of life through the help of cuddly doggos just to see if it’s really effective. Here’s a peek at Paws & Play Café near Taft Avenue in Manila to make you smile today.

Smol blep.

Squish squish.

There are nine dogs of different sizes – two Alaskan Malamutes, two Chow chows, two Pugs, two Shih Tzus, and a Pomeranian. Unfortunately, we were only able to see one Shih Tzu and the two Chow chows were tied up. According to their staff, this is to prevent them from fighting with each other. Looks like Hunter and Hunk are pretty competitive!

He may look snubbish, but this Chow chow is pretty playful. (Not sure if this is Hunter or Hunk, they look so similar!)

Whisky the Pom and Uno the Alaskan Malamute will be welcoming you as you enter the café. Whisky loves to watch people through the glass door, by the way. From there, their staff will be taking your orders which will also serve as an entrance fee for your two-hour stay. You’re required to buy something from their menu which will cost you over P100 (food or drinks).

Henlo, Whisky!

Henlo, frens!

Henlo, Shih Tzu doin a sploot!

Don’t forget to wear socks if you’re planning to pay them a visit. You’re required to leave your shoes before entering.

The place is really small and rectangular so nine dogs are already enough. Once the place gets jam-packed, I’m not even sure how Uno will be able to walk around. There are two areas- one for dining and one for playing with the dogs. They don’t have toys around, unlike other pet cafes we’ve been to but the caretakers have been actively playing with them throughout our stay.

This is me, petting Achi the Alaskan Malamute.

They can get sleepy from time to time. Let them rest if you see them like this!

Once they’re awake, get ready for non-stop running.

I swear. This one loves our camera.

Spot the butt.

The play area is a bit smelly, probably due to the small space. They also have an average rating online, but things are okay if you’re visiting solely for the dogs. I suggest that you hug their Alaskan Malamutes, Uno and Achi, for extra fun.

In terms of menu, their drinks are super presentable but the mojos we ordered are a bit underwhelming.  Nothing special about the potatoes, but their iced teas are so cute and colorful! You need to mix it first for it to turn to the normal-looking house-blend iced tea.

Mojos and iced tea because we need something we can quickly eat! Dogs > food.

We spent around P350 for food and drinks during out visit. Not bad, that’s already okay for two people who just want to hug dogs.

The café is open from 11 am to 10 pm daily, except on Sundays. Gotta let the dogs rest with their families, of course. If you don’t like visiting during peak hours, pay them a visit on a weekday around 2-4 pm or around 8 pm. Most of their visitors are students from nearby schools.

Puggo doin a stare at the hooman.

Doggo just lookin’ at you.

Ruff ruff from this fluff fluff.

Here’s a photo of the entire place.

Puggo in a cute monkey costume!

I’ll be waiting for you, hoomans.

On to our next pet café adventure!

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Paws & Play Café

2589B Leon Guinto Street, Vito Cruz, Taft Manila

Monday-Saturday, 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Facebook: Paws and Play Café 

Instagram: @pawsandplaycafe

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