How to achieve a balayage ombre mix for your mermaid hair dreams

Pretty much like how some people obsess over makeup or skincare, there are also a lot of millennials who are into hair styling and coloring — from basic neutral tones to a complex mix of pastel, highlights, and ombre shades — that can really take anyone’s crowning glory up a notch. As someone who annually changes her hair color, I’ve always been on the lookout for stylists who can re-create the pegs that I’ve been keeping in my phone for quite some time now. Since the search is already over, I’d love to give you a peek at the Holy Grail of great stylists here in the Metro. Just name it — may it be mermaid hair, granny hair, pastel hair, or a combination of everything, this salon’s definitely got you.

Before I take you through the process, I’d like to commend Hairshaft Salon – Podium, Ortigas for having such accommodating and friendly stylists who really know what they’re doing. Taking a risk and consulting them even though I only have social media photos to back up my decision became totally worth it after I saw the results. Miguelized is very active on social media, so it’s convenient to schedule an appointment and consult him regarding quotes even before you head over to their salon.

Here’s my last photo with brown hair for your reference. ♥

Flashback, 2015: I was supposed to get my hair colored ash gray but I parked the idea after seeing social media posts about how bleach turned girls’ dreams into living nightmares.

Back to July 9, 2017: Went on full YOLO vibes before my birthday and asked Hairshaft’s Senior Stylist Miguel Alquiros for recommendations on ash colors. He gave me a combination of choco and ash blonde shades which were applied in an ombre-balayage fusion. I was freaking out deep inside since I know how risky it can be, but all three stylists who took care of me that day kept on reassuring that the colors will turn out nicely. Jen and Edgar were so patient in entertaining my non-stop questions and even gave me useful tips for hair care. Plus points again!

Anyway, for millennials who are planning to get a similar color in the future, here’s a quick peek at the process:

1. It all starts with a relaxing shampoo and a bit of scalp massage.

2. Instead of bleach, they applied a gentle lightening cream to ensure that my hair remains strong and healthy. This was wrapped in layers of foil to lock in the sections that need highlights/ lighter colors.


3. After an hour, they started pulling down the foil to create a balayage effect (smooth transition of colors). Waiting time varies depending on your hair length and texture. (Side note: You’ll get free drinks while they’re on it!)

Here, have some iced tea.

4. Then comes my favorite part: Rinsing the lightening cream which made my hair look like uncooked noodles!

I might actually be able to pull off this look. haha! (I wish)

5. Next, applying the actual colors for another hour or so. Mine has a chocolate-colored base and ash blonde highlights.

Trying to compose myself but my heart’s pounding really hard at this point.

6. Once the color has already been absorbed by your hair, they’ll start rinsing the excess off each strand.

7. After that, a reconstructive treatment is applied to add shine and smoothness to your hair (perfect for over 4 hours of coloring). While waiting for the treatment to fully set in, you’ll be receiving a free hand and scalp massage. I personally love this step!

8. Rinse again and again.


9. Finally, time to dry your hair and see the results.

You can see the ash blonde highlights that look like gray strands in this photo.

10. You may opt to get a haircut if the ends get too dry OR you can request for beach waves/curls.

The color looks lighter here, thanks to the salon’s ring light.

Front view! ♥

The verdict: It looks way better than how I imagined it to be. It doesn’t look like the top images you’ll see in Google Search when you type “ash blonde”, but the brown base gave more drama to the overall look so it’s okay. Some strands have a bluish green shade which gives off a mermaid hair vibe and I really love it. Out of all the colors I’ve tried in the past (brown shades, blonde undertones, pink streaks, and mahogany-burgundy included), this one is the best. #MillennialApproved!

Your resident millennial with Senior Stylist Miguel Alquiros of Miguelized/ Hairshaft Salon – The Podium.

Here’s a better look. (Photo from Miguelized IG Page)

The entire process can be a bit pricey, but I assure you that it’s worth it. Celebrities like Arci Muñoz and Donnalyn Bartolome wouldn’t be visiting this salon if the stylists are not good! In addition to the outcome of your hair, you’ll also get free iced tea or coffee while waiting. Quality service, I must say.

Contact Hairshaft Salon and get #Miguelized or #Fredified:


Instagram: @miguelized

3rd Floor, The Podium Mall

18 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

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