Calling all millennials with a vintage soul: La Scala Residences & Café is waiting for you

Vinyl records, antiques, collectibles, and really interesting things way back in the 1900s – these are just some of the items that will make your jaw drop at this gem in Malate, Manila. I’ve been meaning to write about La Scala Residences & Café for quite some time now after spending a few weeks at their homey café, but only had the time to compile all my unedited yellowish photos now. Before anything else, I don’t think my photos were able to bring justice to the beauty of this place so feel free to drop by La Scala to take a look at it yourself.

I’ve been to different luxurious hotels with fancy restaurants and whatnots but nothing comes close to the homey vibe that welcomes you in La Scala. Upon entering the building, you’ll be greeted by their friendly staff at the front desk to direct you to the proper floor: La Scala Café is at the 2nd floor, rooms are up the 3rd and 4th floors, barber shop and salon at the ground floor, and clinics at the 3rd floor.

Reviewing every single place will take more than one blog post, so let’s focus on La Scala Café for now since it’s what really caught my attention. As a millennial who has always been in awe of vinyl collections, record players, and antiques, part of me wanted to dress up “old school” just to blend in with the environment. Imagine classic restaurants with wooden floors, frames up the walls, and even a working jukebox – that’s La Scala Café.

The entire collection started with the owner’s set of comic books, stamps, coins, paper money, photos, and vinyl records from the early 1900s. Eventually, Mr. Crispin Go’s collection grew out of his passion and knack for stories behind every item. He started to put his vintage items on exhibit with the belief that each one can become a conversation piece that can bring in nostalgic memories to visitors of their humble abode. Up until now, La Scala continues to take pride in every detail of their café and residence which encourages people to reminisce the good old days.

However, no matter how “classic” the vibe may be, their dishes are something that will teleport you back to the present time. Their menu consists of a mix of cuisines and Pinoy favorites like Paella Valenciana (my favorite!), Paella Negra, Salpicao, Fish and Chips, Gambas, and other delectable dishes. The café is also a sanctuary for busy people like me who are always on the lookout for quiet spots in the Metro where good Wi-Fi connection, coffee, and fruit shakes are available.

You can even invite your family or friends to join you here during special occasions. Their menu has something to suit every generation’s tastes and every nook and cranny of the place has something that you and your pals can talk about. Who doesn’t have a say about the evolution of Coca-Cola products, Elvis Presley collectibles, vinyls, and different cameras?

At night, it levels up to a group party destination for those who love the karaoke. Aside from the tables and mini bar at the main café, they have two karaoke rooms and a smoking lounge to address your needs. Feel like you need a shot or two? Order up because the barista serves one of the best Tequila mixes in town.

And if ever you had too much to drink, maybe spend the night in and reserve a room for yourself. They offer discounts to walk-in guests during off-season, so don’t be afraid to ask!

A full-course meal for two costs approximately P1,500 but they also have servings that are good for two or more. I personally recommend that you try their Paella, Gambas, and Kamote Soup!

Go on and visit them from Monday to Saturday, at 1711 M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila. It’s just a five-minute walk from Robinsons Place Manila! Their staff are very responsive via social media as well. Visit for more details or check out their website at

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  1. Maybe this is because my generation was coddled as they say, but I think there is the passing of a certain kind of Mormon woman, the one who shouldered everything with a smile and without a complaint, who was able to multi-task, and took it all in stride as a matter of duty.

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