No 2nd season yet? ‘No Game, No Life: Zero’ comes out this year.

Since the anime was released last year, millennial anime lovers have been on the lookout for the second season of No Game No Life online. We’re actually expecting this to take longer but Kadokawa Anime didn’t disappoint last weekend with the release of No Game No Life: Zero’s first teaser.

To give you a background, the first season revolves around the story of two socially awkward step-siblings who are quite popular in the world of online gaming as a group named “Blank”. Their adventure starts after game god Tet summoned them to a digital world which heavily relies on games as a way to settle anything in life. With questions unresolved (e.g. how this world began and why Shiro and Sora were chosen), a prequel set 6,000 years prior to the first season will be answering everything this 2017.

Tet (Screenshot from ‘No Game No Life: Zero’ teaser)

The one-minute teaser was released on March 25 via the KADOKAWAanime YouTube channel. Albeit the absence of English subtitles, anime fans have been raving about the quick glimpse at the Great War arc where Shiro and Sora takes the form of an ex-machina girl named Shuvi and a human named Riku. It is believed that these were the past lives of our favorite characters and may partly be a reason why Tet chose to bring them back in the gaming world.

We’re guessing this is young Riku! (Screenshot from ‘No Game No Life: Zero’ teaser)

What happened to the other characters? We don’t have answers to that yet but we’re pretty sure that we’ll see a much younger Jibril from the Flugel race!

The movie is set to be released in Japanese theaters around July this year, but fear not because we have the Internet to keep us posted if ever they’re considering to release an English-subbed movie somewhere else (They should!).

Are you excited for No Game No Life: Zero? We are!

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