‘Adventure Time’ is running out of time and we are not amused

Have you ever felt the pain of being left by the person you love the most? That feeling of betrayal and hopelessness, knowing that there’s still a possibility for things to work out but they chose to give up and leave you hanging by a thin thread? That’s exactly how we felt after hearing that one of our favorite television series is about to come to a close.

News about millennial-favorite Adventure Time wrapping up after its ninth season in 2018 broke out Thursday (September 29, 2016), shattering millions of hearts around the globe. While we haven’t seen a published copy of Cartoon Network’s official statement on the matter, the number of media sites reporting about the “end” is quite alarming.

(Adventure Time/ Cartoon Network)

(Adventure Time/ Cartoon Network)

The Land of Ooo is about to ooze away after eight years (current count at six) of non-stop bacon pancake and rainbow unicorn madness! We can’t take this lightly after getting attached to the show for six straight years! Will we know if BMO is a girl or a boy? Will we still be able to know the undisclosed relationship between Princess Bubblegum and Marceline (like when did she receive that gift stolen by the Door Lord)? Will we get more Fiona and Cake adventures? How about Gunther and his pals? Ice King? And the list goes on…

Just a little recap, Adventure Time is a post-apocalyptic fantasy/sci-fi/ coming-of-age series featuring the adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human who happen to be best friends and brothers (Yes, that’s possible). Aside from their unusual exploits, the show’s unlikely heroes also have love interests throughout the show. We have witnessed Jake and Lady Rainicorn’s love story – from courtship to family life – and Finn’s multiple failed attempts in finding his “forever”. We even got the “realest” advice from animated characters!

We have two more years to savor every 11-minute episode coming our way. It feels like we’re all gummed-up inside but this really looks like the end. Let’s just hope Pendleton Ward has something bigger in store for us Adventure Time fans (A Fiona and Cake feature, maybe?).

For now, it looks like we have no choice but to hang out with Prismo and wish for an extension of Finn and Jake’s show. May the Cosmic Owl lead us there!

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