WATCH LIST: Upcoming movies we’re definitely watching (July 2016)

Time flies so fast; we’re already on the second half of July 2016! Even though most of you are already busy at work or in school, you should find time to watch these upcoming movies that look like they’re worth binge-watching at the cinemas. Star Trek Beyond, Lights Out, and social media favorite Sadako vs Kayako are on our list. We included trailers for you, so you be the judge.

Star Trek Beyond

Thanks to Paramount Pictures, our intergalactic sci-fi cravings are about to end on July 20. The third installment in the franchise, Star Trek Beyond takes us to the uncharted regions of space in another epic adventure aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Don’t forget to tag your mom and dad along with you to the cinemas. We’re pretty sure they’ll find this film amusing too!


What’s going to happen if we let mobile phones take control of our lives completely? Welcome to the dawn of a new era wherein technology controls humans instead of the other way around. Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack are all set to fight off the zombie-like humans wreaking havoc to the world on July 20.

This looks interesting compared to the multitude of zombie movies popping out here and there. At least we’re up for something new.

Lights Out

As if we don’t have enough reasons yet to be afraid of the dark, Warner Bros. is bringing in another spine-chilling movie about an unknown terror that lurks when the lights are off. In case you’re not yet fully convinced, do keep in mind that this tale is from producer James Wan of The Conjuring. Watch this on the big screen with the lights out on July 21.

Jason Bourne

Matt Damon and Alicia Vikander in one movie? Awesome! Expect nothing but the best from award-winning actors in the next chapter of Universal Pictures’ action-thriller – the Bourne franchise. No, you can never watch enough spy films. I heard the CIA’s “most lethal former operative” is about to be drawn out of the shadows.

I suggest you watch The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum before watching this on July 27.


Let’s play a game: Complete a dare from the online community and win cash. Sounds like something that adrenaline junkies would get addicted to – may they be a watcher or a player. With Nerve tasks filled with twists and turns, let’s see if millennial favorites Emma Roberts and Dave Franco can finish the game alive. From Lionsgate Movies, join the game this July 27.

Sadako vs Kayako

I’m sure you’ve seen the Pinoy jokes about this film. “Sad ako vs. Kaya ko (English translation: I’m sad vs. I can)”. Although we allowed the funny versions to take over our social media feed, let’s give this movie a chance. After all, we were terrified by The Ring and The Grudge when we were kids. Let’s not forget the haunting sound effects that these Japanese horror films left us! The crossover movie will crawl into theaters this July 27.

Nerve is my early favorite. Aside from Emma and Dave’s presence, the visual effects look crazy! We’re almost wishing that a game like this existed in real life.

Also, don’t miss The Legend of Tarzan, Purge: Election Year, and Ice Age: Collision Course — now showing in cinemas nationwide.

What made it to your list? Comment below and we might consider doing a review.

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