10 Things we’re trying to find (aside from Dory’s family)

While everyone’s joining the search party to find Dory’s family this June, there are just some of us who are in a constant state of hide-and-seek with other things from the past. Just like our favorite forgetful blue tang fish from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, I’m pretty sure we’ll soon cross paths with these 10 common things that are yet to be found:

  1. Money we tried to save all summer


You booked a piso fare, bought cheaper makeup dupes, indulged in 5-peso street food for lunch, and yet your precious gems still vanished into thin air. Sad story.

  1. The sick leaves (SLs) and vacation leaves (VLs)


Have you ever used your sick leaves for real medical purposes? I’d like to believe that half of your allowable SLs are turned into much-deserved VLs (without the consent of your boss). Tee-hee!

  1. That other sock


Might have lost it during your last trip or it got gobbled up in the laundry. Which reminds me of other pairs that get separated….

  1. The ex


That ex-lover blocked you on Twitter, unfriended you on Facebook, changed his/her number, and deleted all your photos together on social media. Are you now also having a “short-term memory loss” just to avoid the painful memories of the past? Okay, let’s forget about that as*hole but don’t forget the…

  1. Explanation you never got


Your love just vanished into thin air without even bothering to let you know why you were that easy to leave behind; thus, your self-imposed isolation with nothing but a low self-esteem and a feeling that you do not deserve a decent explanation. Well, you do deserve one and there’s always time to find out. Laban.

  1. Feelings


Niloko. Nasaktan. Naging halaman.

But do keep in mind that plants have feelings, too! You’ll grow into a nice sturdy tree someday, so strong that no one can chop you down.

  1. The spark


We’ll all have a shot at that spark in this lifetime — that connection that’s just so magical, it feels like fireworks and sparks all over your body. Worst case scenario, there’s always an electric plug to do the trick. Nudge nudge.

  1. A job


Applicable to both fresh graduates and recently-resigned “millennials” out there. I don’t even know what career path to take. Any suggestions?

  1. Purpose in life


Why are we even alive?

But most importantly…

  1. That person who owes you


What brought me to this list was “Finding Money”, so let’s go back to financial matters. We shouldn’t forget about the people and friends we’re trying to find after they tried to avoid you because of… debt. Utang. Uh-oh! Sounds timely. Time to ask that friend who lost sa pustahan.

‘FINDING DORY’ SPOILER COMING UP. You may stop reading here. Cheers!

If you want a sense of fulfillment by embarking on a journey where something will surely be found, watch Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory while it’s still swimming in cinemas nationwide. And just in case you want more things to look forward to, there’s an adorable short film entitled Piper before the movie. Make sure to come to the theater on time.

I’ll be posting an uncalled for spoiler-filled blog entry about Finding Dory soon so don’t forget to like my Facebook page. Yay!

Ces the millennial says: My Photoshop skills kinda suck so no hate here, please? I’m not a professional and editing tips are highly appreciated. All these were made just for fun since I see a lot of “finding blah” tweets on my timeline. I still lack a lot more, actually. Finding Amelia Earheart. Finding Big Foot. Finding UFOs. Finding the Lochness Monster. Next time, maybe? I’ll keep you posted.

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