Dr. JART+ brings balance of science and art in skincare to the PH

Korean culture has taken the world by storm and it’s not only KPOP that we’re crazy about, but also skincare! This is especially true for millennials who started glossing over 1st generation KPOP stars’ baby skin-like features and who had their skincare products shipped from Korea in the early 2000s. Now, we no longer need to look far and wide for our skincare needs, though! Dr. JART+, a K-beauty brand that has long epitomized the balance between hydration and scientific solutions, is now in the Philippines with its much-celebrated Cicapair line.

This brand’s entry into the Philippine market is a thrilling development for skincare enthusiasts and K-beauty aficionados. Dr. JART+, renowned for its unique fusion of scientific innovation and creativity, has been a pioneer in the K-beauty industry since its inception in 2005 by architect Leeo (Chin Wook) Lee in Seoul. Inspired by a blemish balm used in dermatology clinics, Leeo collaborated with laboratories to create a product that combined the benefits of powerful skincare with the coverage of a foundation, leading to the birth of Dr. JART+.

Korean skincare for Filipino skin concerns?

While K-beauty products may be a hit-or-miss, considering a lot of which addresses Korean skin problems, it’s not the case for Dr. JART+ since redness and sensitivity are also prevalent skin issues for many Filipinos. This is also exacerbated by factors such as pollution, environmental stressors, heat, sun exposure, acne, and irritation. The Cicapair launch last July 1 allowed attendees to explore these issues in detail. The event featured a “Red Zone” — a gallery highlighting common skin sensitivities and their causes, followed by a “Sensitivity-Free Zone” — a calming green space where guests could relax and learn more about the Cicapair line.

Aside from games, good music, and product samples, a free skin analysis was also offered to attendees so they can see which products would fit their skin the most.

Cicapair™ and beyond

The Cicapair™ collection is formulated with tiger grass from Asian wetlands and other lab-tested cica skincare ingredients. This line (which consists of serums, creams, and masks) is designed to soothe and calm sensitive skin, addressing redness and irritation effectively.

Cicapair™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30: A best-seller that corrects redness and protects the skin from environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollution.

Cicapair™ Foaming Cleanser: Gently purifies and calms sensitive skin with a soothing formula that reduces redness and irritation.

Cicapair™ Intensive Soothing Repair Gel Cream: A lightweight, deeply hydrating gel-cream that targets redness and sensitivity, providing a protective barrier against environmental stressors.

Aside from the Cicapair line, Dr. Jart+ offers a range of products tailored to various skin concerns, from dehydration and uneven skin tone to fine lines and wrinkles.

Ceramidin™ Collection: Enriched with ceramides, panthenol, and glycerin, this line strengthens the skin barrier, leaving it healthy, hydrated, and glowing.

Vital Hydra Solution™ Collection: Featuring hyaluronic acid and PENTAVITIN™, these products instantly hydrate and plump the skin, enhancing its glow.

Every Sun Day™ Sunscreen Collection: Provides protection from harmful UV rays while delivering skincare benefits.

Dr. JART+ products are now exclusively available at Watsons and LOOK At Me stores nationwide, as well as online at watsons.com.ph and Watsons official stores on Shopee and Lazada.

Excited to see what else they’ll be bringing to the Philippines! For now, I’ll indulge myself in a well-deserved beauty sleep with the Cicapair line.

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  1. Yay good news to isa pa naman talaga sa hahangaan mo sa korean yung mg kutis nila tapos ngayon meron na din dito sa atin perfect lalo na sa meron mga skin problems jan katulad ko🤗

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