Rapoo introduces 3 new wireless gaming mice for every type of gamer

Rapoo, a pioneer in wireless peripherals technology, recently unveiled three new wireless gaming mouse models which cater to specific gaming needs of Filipinos. The Rapoo V300SE, VT9PRO, and VT950PRO all ensure enhanced fidelity, responsiveness, and customization whether you’re a multi-hyphenate gamer, a professional, or a hardcore enthusiast.

I’ve been a Rapoo mouse user for a while now and although I prefer using the trackpad of my laptop, there’s no denying that using a mouse still feels better. I personally prefer the all-black VT9PRO, but I’m sure there will always be a market for the clean-looking V300SE and the RGB VT950PRO. Here’s a quick comparison of the three:

Rapoo VT950PRO: Elevating the Experience for Hardcore Gamers

Price: Php 2,525 SRP

Rapoo’s VT950PRO OLED Wired/Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse brings top-of-the-line features at an affordable price, making high-tech gaming accessible to all. With an ultra-accurate PAW3395 Optical Sensor, switchable DPI/Resolution up to 26000, and 2K polling rate support, the VT950PRO ensures responsiveness and accuracy. Its eco-friendly rechargeable lithium battery, customizable OLED display, and Qi wireless charging support make it the ultimate gaming companion for hardcore enthusiasts.

Rapoo VT9PRO: Combining Professionalism with Gaming Versatility

Price: Php 1,949 SRP

The lightweight Rapoo VT9PRO Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse is a good choice for those who prefer versatility and stability, catering to those who need a more professional vibe. Weighing only 68g, the VT9PRO supports multiple mouse grip styles and boasts a high response rate with its 2K polling rate support. With 9 programmable buttons, DIY independent button, and Rapoo’s C+click separate key pre-calibrated technology, the VT9PRO maximizes value for money.

Rapoo V300SE: Empowering Multi-Hyphenate Gamers for Work and Play

Price: Php 1,260 SRP

Rapoo’s V300SE Wireless Gaming Mouse aims to set a new standard in the market with its PixArt 12K gaming optical engine, seamless switch between wired and wireless modes, and 10 programmable buttons. At just 73g, the V300SE offers versatility and reliability, catering to multi-hyphenate gamers who need a mouse for work and play.

With the release of the V300SE, VT9PRO, and VT950PRO, Rapoo continues to push the boundaries of gaming peripherals technology. Whether you prioritize affordability, versatility, or premium features, Rapoo’s latest gaming mice offer something for every gamer. These are now available in PC stores nationwide, including Complink, Gilmore Computer Center, PC Express, Silicon Valley, and Thinking Tools.

Which one are you getting for your setup?

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    1. Ang gaganda lahat pati design at may kanya kanyang feature..pero kung pipili aq gusto q itong Rapoo V300SE
      Aside sa mas mura ay gusto q tlga ang color na white.. thank you for this recommendation. Ms.cess

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