First Filipino-produced Netflix Original Series ‘Replacing Chef Chico’ is a feast for your eyes (and heart)

Prepare your taste buds and settle in for a binge-watching experience that caters to diverse palates as Replacing Chef Chico — the first-ever Filipino-produced Netflix Original series, starts streaming today, November 24! Whether you’re craving drama, romance, a dash of comedy, or a visual feast of Filipino gastronomy, this series offers a delectable treat for all tastes, showcasing Pinoy pride through its diverse food and culture.

At the heart of Replacing Chef Chico are the stellar performances of the lead cast which had a chemistry that we didn’t expect. Piolo Pascual, taking on the role of consultant Raymond, sets the stage with his acting prowess, bringing a unique flavor to the series. Alessandra de Rossi shines as Chef Ella, infusing the character with passion and charm, while Sam Milby’s portrayal of Chef Chico adds action and a bit of suspense (in the form of flying kitchen things) to the narrative. Together, they create a harmonious blend that enhances the series’ overall appeal.

The series has a total of 8 episodes, which I believe deserves to be stretched a bit more for a Season 2 after watching the show in its entirety. Each episode evokes a different emotion, but majority tugs at our hearts in different ways. If I were to compare it to a Filipino favorite, it would be Halo-Halo Espesyal a mix of unlikely ingredients, emotions, and storylines, which still work well combined.

Cooking up something special for fans

The recent red carpet and fan meet held at Glorietta 4 marked a spectacular celebration of this groundbreaking Netflix Original. Over 800 fans and celebrities gathered to witness the unveiling of Replacing Chef Chico. The star-studded event, graced by Piolo Pascual, Alessandra de Rossi, Sam Milby, director Dan Villegas, and showrunner Antoinette Jadaone, turned Glorietta Activity Center into a glamorous showcase of Filipino talent.

Piolo shared his pride in being part of the series, emphasizing its contagious charm that authentically captures Filipino culture and dishes. Jadaone, on the other hand, highlighted the series’ focus on Filipino cuisine, spotlighting iconic dishes like laing, adobo, and kare-kare. Director Villegas echoed the sentiment, asserting that it’s high time for the world to recognize the world-class quality of Filipino cuisine.

To make the gathering even more special, a select group of lucky fans participated in the Drama in a Pot fan activity, offering them an up-close and personal experience with the lead stars. This curated journey allowed fans to immerse themselves in the world of Replacing Chef Chico, creating unforgettable moments with their celebrity idols. The event ended with exclusive screening of the series’ first two episodes at Glorietta Cinemas 6 and 7.

Replacing Chef Chico is now available worldwide, exclusively on Netflix. Don’t miss the chance to savor the unique blend of drama, romance, and gastronomy that this groundbreaking series promises. Tune in and let the flavorful journey begin!

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  1. Wow this is first filipino produced netflix series.. nkaka excite 2 panoorin i believe na isa ito sa pwedeng ihanay sa mga kdrama.. series mix emotion.. drama comedy and romance
    At full blast ang mga cast.

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