Own your dream home: Metrobank offers low rates, waived fees up to Php 50,000 on car and home loans

Time for another Adulting 101 update: As the youngest millennials begin building their own homes this year, it’s important that we also explore the use of loans for financial flexibility. Instead of having to save up a significant amount of money upfront, loans allow us to spread out the cost over time. This enables us to allocate savings towards other financial goals, such as starting a business, family purchases, or saving for retirement.

Some people are not keen on applying for loans due to high interests, which mean having to pay more fees in total, but luckily, financial groups like Metrobank can help us take a step closer to owning our dream car and dream home with low rates. They can also waive up to PHP50,000 in fees for approved loan applications through its Your Dream is on Us promo, running until June 30, 2023!


With its low interest rate of 9.11% p.a. for a 5-year loan on a one-month advance payment scheme and PHP 50,000 off our bank fees, we’ll have extra funds to drive to our next adventure. This also entitles us to pre-qualification for a Metrobank Toyota Mastercard, which offers a 3% fuel rebate at participating Petron stations, 10% discount on genuine parts and accessories, and labor at Toyota dealers, and more!

Building our dream house is now within reach as Metrobank offers a low interest rate of 6.50% p.a. fixed for one year on Home Loans. We can also save up to PHP 50,000 in fees that we can use to turn our house into our dream home. As an additional perk, we will also be eligible to get a Metrobank Credit Card so we can enjoy deals and discounts when we furnish our new home.

With these exclusive offers, our dream – be it driving our own car, or owning a house, is now easier to achieve!


For first-time loaners, you can visit a Metrobank branch near you for assistance or visit the Metrobank website for Home Loans or Car Loans. To know more about these offers, check out the Your Dream is on Us promo page. Terms and conditions apply.

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  1. Ay woww naman po , perfect sa gusto magkaroon NG dream home or cars and metrobank offers low rates /low interest rates

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