Taste Test: New Macao Imperial Tea x Twinings of London ‘Tea Coolers’

The Philippines’ biggest milk tea chain and the oldest tea brand in the world recently joined forces to create a refreshing mix that suits tea lovers’ different tastes! Meet the new Tea Coolers line of Macao Imperial Tea and Twinings of London: Six newly curated summer-exclusive drinks to satisfy our cravings and thirst any time of the day.

Manila Millennial was able to attend the official launch at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall last Thursday (April 13, 2023) and had a taste test to help you decide which ones to pick from Cheesecake Peach Tea, Earl Grey Lemon Tea, Mango Jasmine Green Tea, Strawberry Mango Tea, Lemon Ginger Tea, and Chamomile Honey Tea with Vanilla. The fashion hall turned into a reception-like space complete with flowers and balloons to celebrate what seemed like the marriage of two iconic brands!

Here’s the list of new drinks based on my preference:

Strawberry Mango Tea: An infusion of fruity flavors and white pearls expertly mixed for that satisfying sip. This is recommended for people who want something to chew on while enjoying a sweet yet refreshing drink. The jelly-like pearls are super soft so it doesn’t ruin the tropical vibe of the strawberry-mango infusion. Easily top 1 on my list!

Cheesecake Peach Tea: The delicate peach-flavored Twinings black tea gets a level up with Macao Imperial Tea’s distinct cheesecake blend. It’s a combination that you won’t normally find in tea places so I highly recommend this luxurious and indulgent drink, too.

Mango Jasmine Green Tea: A mix of delicious mango and Jasmine flowers blended in a fragrant and flavorful embrace — that’s Mango Jasmine Green Tea! If you want a no-frills drink that straight-up tastes like tea, then this cooler with delicate floral characters is for you.

Earl Grey Lemon Tea: A refreshing light tea that you can pair with a pastry or two! It’s Twining’s signature zesty bergamot flavor of fine black tea blended cooly with lemons for one Macao Imperial elegant drink.

Chamomile Honey Tea with Vanilla: Not too sweet and not too bland. That’s how I remember this drink. It’s an aromatic Chamomile tea touched generously with rich honey and a hint of vanilla. Sophisticated and surprising, an elegant tasting refresher.

Lemon Ginger Tea: Last on my list is this really invigorating cooler that brings together citrusy flavors and a ginger tang. It’s not bad but it’s not something I’d like to drink on the daily as it’s not my vibe for summer. This is for people who love strong ginger tea, though! I can imagine myself drinking this during days when my throat feels itchy as it can add a warm and spicy zing that lingers in your throat.

“Macao Imperial Tea is thrilled to be working with Twinings Tea on this exciting project,” said Avin Ong, CEO of Fredley Group of Companies. “We are confident that our combined strengths and passion for tea will result in this exceptional beverage that will captivate tea lovers everywhere, especially during this warm season.”

Twinings Brand Manager Jeanne Harn adds, “With the warmer season approaching, this partnership is perfect timing to offer tea enthusiasts a refreshing yet unique summer drink experience with a twist. Enjoy the drinks from morning till evening!”

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These limited-edition summer drinks are now available in Macao Imperial Tea shops nationwide. Try it yourself and I hope our recommendations help!

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4 Replies to “Taste Test: New Macao Imperial Tea x Twinings of London ‘Tea Coolers’”

  1. And now I really want to try that Cheesecake Peach Tea flavor since I’m a fan of cheesecake and I also love peaches. Based on the description, I also love to try the Chamomile Honey Tea with Vanilla. But I know lahat ng flavors na ito ay worth it i-try lalo na ang perfect nitong inumin ngayong summer.

  2. I Loved this Macao Imperial Tea , well defenitly Must Try it. Sobrang Sayang experience to. ThAnks for honest review about this Kind of Refreshing Drinks. Looks Impressive and want to try it

  3. Sooo refreshing drinks at ang daming pang Flavors na pagpipilian
    Hindi pa ako nakatry ganitong drink or any flavors of these
    But mukhang okay Po ito

  4. Ang sasarap naman ng mga drinks na ito sa Macao imperial . Lalo na ngyon mainit ang panahon perfect drinks . Yummy and refreshing 😍

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