Meet & Greet the WayV Way: WayV back in Manila for a night full of songs, cheers and charms

Core memory unlocked: Chinese boy group WayV finally made their way back to the Philippines for their very first solo fanmeeting!

Presented by DNM Entertainment and IN2UNE Entertainment, the fourth and Chinese sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s Kpop boy group NCT made Manila their first stop for the 2023 WayV Fanmeeting Tour [Phantom]. Filo WayZenNies flocked to the Smart Araneta Coliseum last March 26, 2023 to give their warmest of welcomes and loudest of cheers.

The group opened the fanmeeting with stunning performances of “Try My Luck” and “Kick Back”, two of the fans’ all-time faves. They introduced themselves right after; starting from Xiaojun, Hendery, Ten, Yangyang, and their very own leader Kun. While the event itself had its own magic, the chemistry between the boys and their dedicated fans were definitely something else.

WayV showcased their Manila finds and souvenirs, and even took Filo WayZenNies on a trip down memory lane during a segment called “What’s In My Bag?”. Taking after the bit’s literal meaning, the members did a little show-and-tell of stuff they accumulated during their stay in the country, including the iconic abaniko fan, a “Good Morning” towel, tourism flyers, and even the classic adobo put in a tupperware by Hendery. They also revealed their personal must-have travel items such as a phone charger and vitamins – all packed in one big suitcase. A little reminiscing took place of their early days in Manila with a few throwback photos, making themselves and their fans feel nostalgic altogether.

Filo WayZenNies swooned over the group’s adorable performance of Kpop girl group Aespa’s “Illusion” while wearing cute headbands, followed by their fellow sub-unit NCT Dream’s song “Candy”, and their own amazing rendition of Kpop boy group SHINee’s “Sherlock”.

The five-piece act serenaded the audience with a heartwarming performance of “Broken Love”, and interacted with the fans during “Dream Launch”. Live stages of “Action Figure” and “Diamonds Only” proved that the boys were, indeed, as bright as diamonds. They also made the entire arena fall head over heels with a charming performance of the english version of “Love Talk”.

While Ten, Yangyang, and Hendery changed clothes backstage, Kun and Xiaojun vibed with their fans through a little sing-along that made their vocals shine. Xiaojun then shared that Kun injured his leg, but insisted on performing for his WayZenNies. The fans, in turn, showed Kun their unconditional support through cheers and flashes of their NeoBong, the official lightstick of their main group NCT; and LeekBong, WayV’s official lightstick.

Ten, Yangyang, and Hendery soon reappeared onstage to give Kun and Xiaojun time to change, taking on the responsibility of entertaining their fans and making sure that they were “more fun than those two”.

All throughout the evening, the group wholeheartedly expressed their gratitude for their fans along with a promise to come back real soon and that they will truly remember this remarkable night.

The members proceeded to take a group photo with the fans, capturing the bright emerald ocean created by the neon green lightsticks held by the WayZenNies.

WayV concluded the night with much-awaited live stages of “Nectar” plus their latest single “Phantom” as their last performance, and turned the place into their very own catwalk while doing an encore of “Good Life”. Safe to say that WayV totally slayed!

The fanmeeting may be short and sweet, but the group and their fans were nothing short of amazing. Vocals served, choreography delivered, and their face cards? NEVER declined. Indeed a moment to always remember for WayV and Filo WayZenNies!

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*With photos from Prince Cajurao

4 Replies to “Meet & Greet the WayV Way: WayV back in Manila for a night full of songs, cheers and charms”

  1. Ang saya and memorable talaga ng gabing ito para sa mga nakapunta. Nawitness nila ang magagandang performances from WayV and syempre nakita nila ang naggagwapuhang members ng WayV personally.

  2. Gusto ko din maka experience na mka panood sa ganito . Sure na tlgang maraming fans ang nag enjoy dito 🤩❤️

  3. So much and Memorable Night ito Ms.Ces at ang sarap sa feeling kapag nakanood ng Fanmeeting ❤️
    For sure,ang daming kinilig at nag eenjoy 🤗🤗wohooohhh

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