Self-care Tips: How to find calm amidst the holiday chaos, big events

December has always been a month filled with mixed emotions for me. It’s a month of merriment and fun parties, but at the same time, it’s also a month that brings in double workload, extra traffic, and jam-packed schedules while also demanding so much social energy. While these things are inevitable, I hope everyone still finds time, even a couple of minutes everyday to rest. On top of resting physically, please find time to relax your thoughts as well! Our emotional and mental state are just as important.

To find that balance, here are a couple of tips that worked for me, which I hope would be able to help you as well:

1. Keep your cool and take a relaxing bath

Don’t jump in and out of the shower in a hurry! This is something that even I am guilty of doing, especially on work days but it’s also important to take a warm bath to soothe our tired muscles while breathing in relaxing scents of lavender – through candles or your body wash. Lavender can help keep you calm and prepare you for sleep. Roll on Danarra Fresh and Care Oil Lavender on your wrists or behind the ears so you can get a whiff of the scent before you fall asleep, too.

2. Manage your time by focusing on one thing at a time

With so many things on our plate during the busiest time of the year, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of city life. Recharge and refocus by listing down everything you need to do in order of priority. Set a realistic goal for the day and don’t overexert yourself! To help you sharpen your mental focus while staying calm and collected, apply a Danarra Fresh and Care Oil Green Tea scent on your pulse points throughout the day. Room spray scents work, too!

3. Think happy thoughts even during the toughest times

I know it may be challenging to come up with happy thoughts during crunch time but manifesting the best possible outcome not only helps maintain our mental focus (eyes on the prize!) but also keeps us hopeful. If you need a little mood booster, go for a Flowery Citrus scent that gives off summery, energizing, positive vibes.

4. Do not ignore pain, do something about it!

When you start feeling pain on any part of your body, act on it immediately. Don’t force yourself to function! This was something I learned the hard way and I’m thankful that Classic Mint oil roll-ons exist to provide some immediate relief. While bringing essential oils with you can help, it’s also a must to look after your health and medical conditions (if any). Don’t ignore pain!

5. Move, move, move

Physical activity helps release happy hormones in the body, giving us an extra boost this holiday season. May you be into yoga or team sports, try to move before you brave the day. If you don’t have enough time, try to walk as much as possible or do a few stretches instead. Danarra’s fresh and energizing marine scent of Sport can also help jumpstart an active day.

6. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Say no to negative and toxic company this season. The back-to-back events and celebrations are already tiring, so save yourself from unnecessary drama. Stick to happy people! Spend time with your BFF/s at a café, grab drinks, watch a movie, or sing your heart out at a karaoke with them. The perfect scent for such moments would be Danarra Young, which is a fresh flowery scent that matches light moods.

I wasn’t a believer of scented oils until recently when a friend of mine helped soothe my body pain and relax my anxious brain through roll-on oils. This was applied as I waited for my medicine to work its magic. My favorite is Classic Mint but the other scents have already been helpful in my day-to-day activities, too. These Fresh and Care roll-on oils are designed to be handy enough to be place inside pockets or pouches. The scents are also very light, which is manageable for people like me whose asthma sometimes gets triggered by strong scents.

Focus, recharge, and re-center your energies! Happy Holidays!

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  1. Ang helpful ng mga self care tips na ito , ito tlga ung mga gnagawa natin para iwas na dn sa mga toxic sa paligid . Thanks for sharing this! ❤️

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