CLOSER LOOK: Here’s why The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf wins the stamp-collecting game this year

Still can’t decide whether or not to collect stamps this year? We’ve been checking out the “freebies” that come with every holiday purchase at our favorite coffee shops this season and we’re more drawn to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) more than any other. CBTL has paused their Giving Journal tradition, same as last year, and is currently exploring on innovating their drinkware merchandise while continuously supporting the Real LIFE Foundation. Portion of the proceeds from their holiday promotion will be used as educational assistance funds for underprivileged youth.

Aside from the good cause and variety of tumbler designs that they’re offering, the tumbler quality is also better than other crowd-favorite shops. Let me show you why:

There are a total of five Limited Edition Holiday Tumbler designs available: Champagne, Gold Dust (my favorite), Meteor, Moonwalk, and Purple Dream. Although they all have the same topnotch quality that can keep your drinks hot/cold for an entire day, the designs are specially made for different lifestyles and preferences.

For those who are always on the go and prefer holding a tumbler throughout the day, the Gold Dust and Moonwalk variants are recommendable. The handles are wider and more comfortable to grip than the other options. Gold Dust is my favorite out of the five as it’s also the one with the most appealing design.

For people who like keeping tumblers inside their bag, Champagne is the way to go. This is my second favorite design because of its matte finish and unnoticeable CBTL print. The mouth part is smaller than the rest, too.

Lastly, for travelers who need a tumbler that can be hooked onto bags, the Purple Dream and Meteor variants would be a good match with their metal handles. Meteor is bigger in size, has a wider mouth, and has a flat white logo printed at the bottom while Purple Dream has an embossed logo at the center.

Aside from the tumblers, CBTL has released double-walled mugs that are engraved with the brand’s name. I’ve been using the shorter version for my morning coffee! Drinkware accessories like metallic straws, tumbler boots to protect the bottom part of your tumbler, and an Original Ice Blended 3D keychain which you can use as a strap for your tumbler or for your keys can also be bought separately.


Stamp cards and stamps can be collected at the cashier area of CBTL branches nationwide. All you need to do is collect 18 holiday stamps which you can get for every purchase of a coffee-based drink in-store or via delivery until January 15, 2023. Each purchase is equivalent to one star so if you plan on buying 18 drinks in one go, you can already claim a free tumbler right away. That’s at least Php 2,250 worth of coffee to get a freebie.

If you need a drink suggestion, try their featured holiday drink called “Chocolate Banana Caramel Ice Blended”! It’s a treat for people who love caramel, dark chocolate, and banana. You can also check their full menu here.

Happy collecting! πŸ™‚

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*Note: Tumblers were given as a gift but my stand remains the same as an annual stamp collector. I’m still collecting stamps, too!

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