Surge Lifestyle: A tour inside PH’s first high-tech fitness and lifestyle hub in the Metro

When you hear the word “gym”, what comes to mind? For me, I used to think of treadmills and weights and a whole bunch of strength training equipment in one location. However, when I signed up at Surge Fitness + Lifestyle, I started picturing gyms in a different way — a fun fitness haven containing a mix of high-tech gamified training equipment and traditional gym essentials. This is the only place in the Metro where I was able to find a play area complete with a billiards table, gaming console, and other fun board games; virtual reality (VR) workout, and EMS Training – the latest tech which provides maximum workout in only 20 minutes. Plus, a food station where you can grab the best grub for your diet!

In case you’re wondering what made me sign up, here’s a quick look inside the facility:

Upon registration, members are given an RFID – similar to card keys you would find in hotels, which would serve as a key to the fitness hub’s branches around the Metro, as well as lockers. Facilities like their shower room and sauna can be used anytime, too! Now, let’s go to the interesting part —


As someone who grew up playing games like Whack-a-Mole at arcade stations, the Surge Cardio Cage easily became one of my favorites. This web-like cage trains users’ mental alertness, reaction time, and physical strength. It’s easy to understand: Users just need to tap touch-sensitive targets that light up around the cage. You can play it with a friend or on your own. Just be prepared to climb up and lift your weight up to the topmost sensor!


To make working out more fun, Surge also has a couple of gym equipment that can be paired with a VR headset. This way, you can do cardio workout like cycling and rowing indoors while still seeing an adventurous terrain through Virtual Reality Fitness.


(Photo from @fitin20bysurge Instagram page)

Fit In 20 Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is only available at their Jupiter Makati branch as of this writing but this is another first in the Philippines! Users will only need two sessions of Fit in 20 EMS per week to see results as this activates ALL muscle fibers in the body. Every 20-minute session is already equivalent to 2-4 hours of gym time. You’ll have to book your visit though as slots are limited!


Another thing that I like about Surge is how their bicycles, treadmills, and other cardio workout equipment are positioned facing the windows. This gives users a feel of the outdoors, while not completely being exposed to passers-by. Their treadmills are also up-to-date as it’s able to connect to video streaming services and mimic specific routes as if you’re running across cities or mountainous terrains.


For strength training, Surge has the most diverse selection that I’ve seen compared with other fitness centers around the Metro. They have an area where you can do boxing, trampoline workout, a Queenax intuitive modular system for functional and suspension movements, and a whole lot more that even I am not that familiar with!


Surge has a dedicated room for spinning, equipped with stationary bicycles, mirrors, a sound system, and fun strobe lights to make spin classes more fun! Schedules can be checked at the registration area or via the monitors across the fitness club’s hallway.


There are also empty rooms used for other Surge GXperience group classes such as yoga, high intensity training, Pound (the one with drum sticks), and Zumba. Each room is equipped with mirrors, mats, stability balls, and lights to get joiners in the mood for some fun and motivating workout.


After working out or if you feel like lounging while maximizing your membership, Surge Lifestyle has a dedicated PlayZone where members can play billiards, air hockey, video games, card games, and even board games. You’ll never get bored at Surge!


Finally, in case you get hungry, you can either avail Surge Lifestyle’s free breakfast on select days of the week or drop by Tasty Habit – a concessionaire that offers fresh smoothies, pastas, and other light meals that can be adjusted based on your diet. I have been a fan of their smoothies even before I signed up as a member so I highly recommend that you try this out as well.


For moms and dads who want to bring their kids with them to the gym, Surge also offers a Surge Jr program for the young ones. This program aims to train kids not just physically but also mentally as each class is very interactive. There’s a dedicated room for kids, away from the adult gym equipment to ensure their safety.

Surge membership starts at Php 2,100 with branches across the Metro — Glorietta 3 and Jupiter in Makati City, Commonwealth and South Triangle in Quezon City, and Westgate in Alabang. They will also have a flagship center that includes a bowling alley at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons in Pasig City very soon!

Sounds fun, right? I’ll be writing a feature about their coaching services soon, so keep checking back for updates on my fitness journey with Surge Lifestyle.

(Special thanks to Coach Milo of Surge Glorietta who helped us with our assessment and first few sessions!)

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