This color-changing lip balm is all you need for a ‘clean girl aesthetic’ makeup look

Remember when I wrote about this “clean girl aesthetic” trend that we’ve been seeing on TikTok and other social media platforms? I’m back with more scoop about how you can nail this look! Before anything else, a quick recap on what it means: In terms of clothing, it refers to a minimalist style – think clean plain tops and jeans. In terms of makeup, it’s basically an iteration of the “no makeup makeup look” that focuses on enhancing one’s natural features – a natural pink blush, a bit of shimmer, soft brows, and a glossy lippie. However, putting on a moisturizing lip balm is better since it gives a “fresh-off the shower” kind of vibe. All you need is a shade that complements your skin tone, pretty much like what Mentholatum LipCare’s LipIce Magic Color offers!

I received samples of these lip balms a few weeks back but I wanted to use everything for at least over a week to try out all the variants. There’s the Rose Pink, Pink Mixberry, and Strawberry color-changing lip balms, and a Fruity Strawberry Cooling & Refreshing lip balm that leaves a menthol feel. I wasn’t able to get my hands on the Strawberry variant of the color-changing balm but here are my thoughts on the rest:

All three balms glide on smoothly as it’s enriched with natural ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, and aloe vera oil that help keep lips hydrated for up to 10 hours. It’s also infused with Commiphora Mukul herb extract that is said to smoothen fine lines and keep lips bouncy and plump, as well as Vitamin E to protect lips from harmful elements. Although the lip balms are filled with a lot of moisturizing ingredients, it’s still a must for us, users, to keep ourselves hydrated during those hours for the best effects.

LipIce Magic Color Rose Pink (Fragrance-Free)

Price: Php 160

Don’t be fooled by this product’s clear color! Once applied, the clear balm changes into a natural sheer and glossy pink shade that enhances your lip color. Heard of the my-lips-but-better (MLBB) look? That’s exactly what you get! What makes it special is that the final color depends on the user’s lips alone. On me, it looked like a slightly more pinkish shade that honestly looks flattering. I can image using this for either a clean girl look or with a really strong eyeshadow as it sits comfortably on my lips unlike other lip balms that tend to feel sticky especially while eating.

Compared with the Pink Mixberry shade, the Rose Pink variant gives off a stronger hue and it’s fragrance-free.

LipIce Magic Color Pink Mixberry

Price: Php 160

For those who don’t mind having a strong fruity scent on their lips, this variant is for you. The LipIce Pink Mixberry has a strong berry scent that even someone within proximity (e.g. whispering close, leaning onto you) can smell. It’s like breathing in candy – specifically Air Heads Blue Raspberry — when you’re wearing your face mask!

Unlike the Rose Pink variant, the Pink Mixberry tube has a pinkish balm but it has a more muted peachy kind of shade when applied to the lips… or at least that’s how it looks like on mine! This one also blends with the user’s natural lip color so it’s also uniquely yours.

LipIce Fruity Strawberry SPF15 (Cooling & Refreshing)

Price: Php 105

Lastly, for those who just want a 100% natural look, LipIce Strawberry is the way to go. What makes this special vs other lip balms is its cooling and refreshing menthol feel that lasts for a few minutes on the lips. I like applying this after a warm bath and before going to sleep, but it’s also recommended for daytime use as it has SPF15 to protect our lips.

True to its name, LipIce Strawberry has a faint strawberry scent that tends to fade after a few minutes but I honestly don’t mind as I’m just after the moisturizing and cooling effect. I’ve tried menthol lip scrubs before but this is the first time that I’ve tried a menthol-like lip balm.


I would recommend all three as they’re true to what they promise – 10 hours worth of moisture, fuller healthy-looking lips, muted yet flattering MLBB hues, and scents that smell good (and do not give me headaches). For less than Php 200, these seem like lip balms that can last for over three months if my estimates are correct. I like reapplying the Fruity Strawberry variant for a more cooling effect though, so I might use it up faster than the rest.

All these are available at select Watsons and Mercury Drug branches nationwide, online at and at the official Mentholatum store on Lazada and Shopee. I’ve also linked the products above, so you can just click on the product name to get redirected to the product page.

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