Krispy Kreme to Krispy SKreme: Celebrating Halloween, first-ever factory in Blueridge Quezon City

Just in time for our spooky sweet treat cravings, Krispy Kreme has officially opened the doors to its first-ever factory in Blueridge, Quezon City! QCitizens (and those dropping by QC) are in luck because this specific branch operates both as a factory, dine-in, and takeout store so it’s easy to buy donuts fresh off the line. Just wait for their Krispy Kreme Hotlight to turn on and rush to the store to get the freshest batch there is.

“Krispy Kreme continues to bring happiness by offering doughnuts that are made fresh daily, all thanks to our strategically located doughnut factories,” said Dominique Marcos, Retail Marketing Manager of Krispy Kreme. “The opening of our 9th factory nationwide is a significant milestone for us since it really puts a spotlight on our commitment in ensuring that our sweet treats are available in every touchpoint across the country to reach our Original customers and fans.”

Another thing that makes the two-storey factory store more special is its small window where you can watch the donut production from the outside parking lot. It’s oddly satisfying to see the donuts go through the sugar glaze and get delivered to the store front!

During our visit to the factory store last Friday (October 28, 2022), we were greeted by Krispy Kreme’s Halloween donuts called “Krispy SKremes Spell Book Doughnuts” in spooky yet cute designs — the Black Cat (Php 70), a Magic Cauldron (Php 65) with chocolate eyeballs, a Wicked Witch (Php 70), her broom stick and Book of Spells, and an Enchanted Apple (Php 65) with surprise fillings. A box of Krispy SKremes start at Php 327 for a box of 6, while Halloween Minis are also up for grabs at Php 270. All these are available in stores and via delivery until November 2.

When asked about his Halloween menu recommendations for millennials, Domique shares that their Witch donuts divided into a head and a broom, as well as the apple donut are his top picks.

“We have an apple donut. A secret about that is won’t know the filling. There are two different types of fillings. It’s a surprise whether it’s a sweet donut or something else. For young ones that are a little bit more adventurous, that one is something that I would definitely recommend,” he shared. “For beverages, definitely our Pumpkin Spice Latte but my personal favorite, and I think something more people should try, is our Iced Mocha.”

Dominique Marcos, Retail Marketing Manager of Krispy Kreme

Since Krispy Kreme always has themed donuts for special occasions, we took the opportunity to ask Dominique about the possibility of having Pinoy-themed donut designs in the future. While it’s not yet in their pipeline, the idea is something that they’ll be considering as Krispy Kreme has also been using Filipino ingredients in select items in their menu.

Visit the newest factory branch when you get the chance! It’s also searchable via Waze and Google Maps:

Address: 216-A Katipunan Ave, Project 4, Quezon City, 1800 Metro Manila

Hotline: (02)888-79000

Delivery Modes: now.krispy, Grabfood, FoodPanda, and Pick.A.Roo

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  1. I love krispy Skreme , ang ganda ng naisip nila tlgang perfect pang treats lalo na ngayong halloween , and tlga nmn npka sarap 😍

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