A closer look at Triumph’s newest collection that follows body movement, provides support

Gather round, ladies! Our dilemma of not being able to move freely due to stiff underwear that often leave marks on our skin will be long gone after this update. Triumph, a well-known lingerie maker that has been around since 1886, recently introduced its newest Flex Smart underwear line that is designed to follow the movements of its wearer’s body. Since I’ve heard of similar promises before, I thought of trying it out and inspecting it closely before sharing the good news, so here’s what I found out:


Flex Smart features flex inserts that are positioned to follow movements and expertly adapt  to provide support while also providing a feminine and sensual look. The flex inserts are so  supportive that it is even suitable for light exercise such as yoga or Pilates. It  provides daily support for women whose busy lifestyles take them from home-to-office, mat-to-bar or even away from a Zoom call for a five-minute stretch. 

The non-wired bra features ultra-lightweight, temperature-regulating fabric with non-crease cups, so  that it is easy to roll up and store or pack away. Its infinity edge neckline sits close to the body and  the smooth finishes make it invisible under clothes. 

The matching ergonomically cut Maxi briefs are designed to flatter and flex to movement. With soft touch, temperature regulating fabric they are an ideal everyday brief.

Also available in the collection is a vest, a pull on non-wired bra, sold exclusively online,  a long sleeve top and leggings, which all feature the flex insert, making them perfectly adaptable to movement. With temperature-regulating fabric, wear them for light exercise or style them with an outfit. 


During the launch of the Flex Smart collection last Tuesday (October 11, 2022) at The Wholesome Table – Greenbelt, guest influencer Bea Fabregas and host Issa Litton shared stories about how they were able to flex with freedom using the Triumph pieces.

Bea loves the pull-on non-wired bra as it’s versatile enough to be paired with her many outfit changes as she attends event after event as a host, DJ, wife, and mom.

Bea Fabregas (left) with Issa Litton (right) at the Triumph Flex Smart collection launch.

“Being able to not think about how you look while you do all these different things is (like a) no brainer. I’m wearing the Flex Collection right now under my dress and it’s so nice because I don’t feel anything. My body really changed after becoming a mom and comfort is key. In order to do something well, you need to make sure that you’re not stressing about how you look and I think that’s what the Flex Collection has done for me. I feel so beautiful right now,” shares Bea.

“What makes the Triumph Flex Smart Collection really stand out is that it’s not just the ordinary underwear we’re used to. It’s actually a collection of coordinating pieces. They’re centered around an innovative new bra concept which isn’t your traditional bra. It comfortably supports and adapts with you through the many activities you have to do,” adds Issa. “Gone are the days when you have to buy something new just because you lost weight or you gained weight. That’s another thing that makes this really awesome.”

True enough, when I tried the pull-on bra, it did feel like an extension of my skin. Seeing the stitches also gave me reassurance that it won’t fall into pieces after a while. I’ve experienced undie-sasters before wherein my seamless underwear ripped as I was stretching. I never trusted underwear brands that seemed to only “glue” their pieces ever since.


Another thing that I love about Triumph is that they offer their pieces in different sizes — from small to extra large, covering traditional sizes. The Flex Smart collection also comes in four colors — stone, morandi grey, soft mauve, and aubergine — and price ranges from Php 795 (starting price for the maxi panty) up to Php 2,295 (non-wired travel bra).

With durability that can last for years, comfort that can get us through the day, and enough support that enables us to do quick flexible movements, I would say that the price is reasonable for this brand. I personally can’t wait to get another pair for myself!

You can shop the new collection at Triumph Specialty Stores or online via Lazada and Shopee.

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  1. Super sulit talaga nito! Hindi masakit suotin dahil wireless at comfortable din. Hindi na tayo ma-coconscious sa ating look!

  2. Triumph ay isa sa may pinaka magandang quality pagdating sa mga lingerie at ngayun may bago na naman silang collection’ tiyak papatok sa mga kababaihan to.

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