DAZZLE ME: Dazzling, beginner-friendly makeup as low as Php 89 this 10.10

Still stuck in the time of all-matte makeup? Then this is a wake-up call to update your look because 2022 is all about a combination of matte, glossy, sparkly, and a whole lot of glamour! I know that seeing glittery makeup palettes can be intimidating for beginners and I’ve been there, so I’ll let you in on a little secret that I’ve recently discovered: All you need is a little bit of razzle dazzle like Dazzle Me in your makeup kit!

Dazzle Me is a newly-established makeup line that offers a variety of products for the new generation. We’re talking about Gen Z teens, but this also applies to young millennials who have yet to dip their toes (or should I say brushes?) in the world of makeup. Dazzle Me’s aesthetics remind me of the 90’s candy-colored outfits, huge colorful clips, funky vibes, and sparkly makeup looks that scream “I wanna have fun!”. However, unlike other brands, Dazzle Me’s products only cost somewhere between Php 89 to Php 189! I’m not exactly a beauty guru but aside from the packaging, I don’t see any difference between this affordable makeup line and the more expensive alternatives in the market. Shades and pigmentation are just as top-notch and Morena-friendly as other local brands, too.

Check out some of my personal picks below:

As someone who prefers bringing small bags, I love makeup in small easy-to-carry packaging just like Dazzle Me’s Cutie Pie Eyeshadow Palette. It already has a neutral brown shade for our crease, and two glittery shades for our inner eyelids and other areas of our face that needs a bit of highlight.

To make your eyes look more alive, top off your eyeshadow with a cat eye using the Hold On Waterproof Eyeliner. It’s waterproof but it can easily get erased if you rub your eyes. I try not scratch my eyes too much while wearing it!

As for the lippies, there are two types — the Ink-Licious Lip Tint and the Mousse Lip Cream. I would suggest the former if you need something that won’t get removed easily. The Lip Cream is also long-lasting but it’s no match for oily food. Eitherway, both look stunning and are super pigmented!

The Ink-Licious Lip Tint comes in four shades — Oran-gee (orange shade), Swipe Up (lighter shade of red), Touch Down (deep red), and Smiley (pinkish shade). On the other hand, the Mousse Lip Cream comes in matte brownish-red shades — Release Me, Blazing Hot, Pumpkin Magic, and Joyful.

In case you easily sweat or you need something that won’t budge while swimming, the Lip Creams and Lip Tints are your best bet. The rest can easily be removed with water and soap:

Dazzle Me also offers concealers and pressed foundation in different shades.

Left: Our Secret Cover Concealer (Php 109) / Right: Muse Pressed Foundation (Php 159)

Prices stated above are only available for a limited time, so make sure to check out Dazzle Me’s e-commerce platforms during double-digit days and special sale days! This month, I heard they’ll be joining Shopee’s 10.15 Payday Sale and the upcoming Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival with as much as 60% off on ALL of their products!

Don’t forget to spend wisely. Happy shopping!

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  1. I’m actually looking for a gift for my sister’s birthday na kaya ng budget ko, and it seems may idea na ko ngayon. 😍 Thanks for the wholesome review Ms. Cess and for the suggestions also. 💙💙💙

  2. Galing galing nyo po gumawa ng content and product descriptions. Almost product information andun na, kaya wala ng further questions yung mga readers mo, detailed na eh. 😊💙
    Looking forward for more great product contents Ms. Cess. 💙💙💙

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