J.CO Dynamic Duos: 2-in-1 donuts for indecisive millennials

We all know that one friend (or more) who takes years to pick something on the menu — including choosing just one donut flavor when you’re out to get snacks! White chocolate or dark chocolate? Almonds or cookie crumbs? Black or white? I’m that friend, too, and I know the struggle of being indecisive. Good thing there are new choices like J.CO’s Dynamic Duos collection where we can get the best of both worlds in just one order.

J.CO recently introduced two new flavors: The irresistible Duology donut dipped in white chocolate, topped with chocolate malt powder and cookie crumbs, and the crunchy Duetto donut dipped in white chocolate and topped with crushed roasted almonds and cookie crumbs. The former is like our favorite MILO drink with milk in the form of white choco and malt powder in donut form, while the latter is like a mini Alcapone paired with Oreo. Best of both worlds, I tell you!

If you’re a Batang Milo or if you grew up bringing Oreos as a snack, you’ll also love the new drinks that J.CO offers: There’s the cool Milo Oreo Frappe — a rich blend of milk, crushed Oreos, and malty goodness of Milo which comes in small Uno (Php 160), medium Due (Php 175), and large Tre (Php 190). It tastes better when it’s super chilled so drink it as soon as it’s served. For those who prefer hot drinks, J.CO is also offering Hot Milo Oreo — a delightful blend of rich milky taste with the silky malt goodness of Milo and crunchy Oreos, available in Uno (Php 135), Due (Php 150), and Tre (Php 165).

J.CO’s Dynamic Duos collection is only available in stores until September 30, 2022 so try them as soon as you can! Time to call your besties, siblings, or your significant other and share a bite and sip of J.CO’s Dynamic Duos collection.

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