Meet the Pinoy couple behind the viral Vecna and Max cosplay from Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ PH event

A couple with a thousand faces – that’s Filipino cosplay royalties Awie and Prince De Guzman. They made it to news headlines after their successful Trese cosplay in 2021 and have been a hit in various events while cosplaying different characters – from heroes like Shazam and Mary Marvel to villains like Harley Quinn and Joker. This 2022, they did it again! With the much-anticipated release of Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2, the #goals-worthy couple took social media by storm with their detailed portrayals of Vecna and Max – two of the characters in the award-winning sci-fi series.

Their surprise appearance at Vecna’s Mind Lair in Glorietta 4 last Wednesday (June 29, 2022) was well-received by fans, especially after their recreation of the most talked-about scene from Volume 1. A few minutes after their short performance, fans and mall-goers were already flocking to them for photos and videos that have since been uploaded on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Prince and Awie’s posts on their pages alone have already racked up thousands of reactions in just 24 hours!

Awie De Guzman as Max (left) and Prince De Guzman as Vecna (right) with Stranger Things fans at Vecna’s Mind Lair, Glorietta 4 Activity Center. (Photo courtesy of Johan Andrew Ocampo/ JAO Photography)

“We though that Season 4, Episode 4: Dear Billy is the most memorable and the best arch of Stranger Things’ latest season. The best scene was the encounter of Max and Vecna that also made Kate Bush’s Running Up The Hill became the champion song of 2022. That is why we really itched to do this cosplay after binge-watching the whole season,” shares Prince. “I chose Vecna beause aside from the iconic character design, he was the best Stranger Things antagonist up to date.”


Prince has already transformed into other jaw-dropping characters before like Pennywise from It, Dr. Morbius from Morbius, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story/ Lightyear, and Zombie Strange from Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness to name a few, but according to Prince, Vecna was the most challenging cosplay that he’s ever done to date.

“It took a team of three, including myself, to finish the full look. I sculpted the full head prosthetics and my friend, Kino Kaoru (and I) worked together in creating the suit. Dinny Grayson did an impeccable paint job from head to toe,” he says. “The most challenging part in my Vecna costume process was sculpting the mask and standing for about almost 8hrs straight for 2 days while Kino helps me with building the suit.”

Despite all the hard work that needs to be put in a character like Vecna, Prince still decided to cosplay him as he found similarities between them: “I was also hooked to his character because he was relatable to me only in the sense that we both love and find comfort with spiders. I have a few pet Tarantulas and Scorpions at home.”

Prince De Guzman as Vecna of ‘Stranger Things’ (Photo courtesy of Johan Andrew Ocampo/ JAO Photography)

As for Awie, who has previously earned praises for nailing her cosplay of Alexandre Trese from Trese, Harley Quinn from DC movies, and Alita from Alita: Battle Angel, embodying Max Mayfield’s personality and copying her expressions were what she focused on.

Awie De Guzman as Max Mayfield of ‘Stranger Things’ (Photo courtesy of Johan Andrew Ocampo/ JAO Photography)

“Max’s look is very simple yet very challenging to cosplay because it requires a lot of heart and understanding to get to her character. Since we will be in a public event, I studied her nuances and expressions. That is far more challenging than putting on a wig and a makeup,” says Awie. “I love that she is very sarcastic, brave in shutting herself from the world to face her demons, and even brave in admitting to herself that she needs her friends and loved ones to fight Vecna.”


Prince and Awie continuously upload creative, entertaining, and quality content via their respective social media channels. Aside from gaming livestreams, the talented duo also unboxes toys and collectibles, and does makeup transformation videos. Despite all the publicity and love that they get from their fans, the two remain very appreciative and down-to-earth.

The #goals-worthy Pinoy couple behind the scenes! (Photo courtesy of Johan Andrew Ocampo/ JAO Photography)

“Me and Awie are so happy that we finished our cosplays just in time for the big event at Glorietta 4. The setup for Vecna’s lair was trending in social media before we arrived and Netflix asked us to officially open the lair. We are so pressured but we thought that the event was a success. The Stranger Things fans are so appreciative and warm when it comes to our cosplays and the reactions of the younger fans are just so priceless and fulfilling,” says Prince.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for this power couple! We heard that we might spot them soon at a screening for Thor: Love and Thunder. In that case, keep your phones ready for a selfie!

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Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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