Rakuten Viber, Mineski Global bring hypercasual gaming to Viber

There’s a saying that “life is not all fun and games”, but who says we’re not allowed to open games and have fun while on our messaging apps that we use for work? Last Wednesday (June 8, 2022), Rakuten Viber and Mineski Global did just that by launching the mgames chatbot on Viber! This new feature enable users to get FREE and easy access to up to 70 hypercasual games — those with instant gameplay and have minimalist user interfaces.

Since the games were created in partnership with Mineski Global, expect to see a wide variety of games for all kinds and ages of Viber users — from witty word masters and thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies to smart puzzle solvers and competitive racers, or even just happy-go-lucky screen tappers who want to kill time. Aside from the entertainment that the games bring, Viber users also get to compete for rewards and a spot at the mgames leaderboards. Users can also amp up the competitiveness by creating their own private lobbies to compete with their family, friends, and colleagues on Viber!

“We are excited about our collaboration with Mineski Global in integrating mobile games into our platform for different segments of users,” says David Tse, Senior Director at Rakuten Viber. “We are not just launching games in Viber, we are building a community of hypercasual gamers, giving our users another way of interaction and communication through the fun of games.”

L-R: Event host BurgerKim, Mineski’s Chief Executive Officer Ronald Robbins, Rakuten Viber’s APAC PR Lead Lana Macapagal, and Senior Director David Tse.

“The social aspect of gaming is often overlooked, but we believe that it creates one of the strongest reward loops that incentivize consumer behavior. For instance, mgames on Viber has private lobbies so users can host friendly competitions with their family and friends. This and other features are novelties that will make your messaging app experience more dynamic,” says Ronald Robins, Mineski’s Chief Executive Officer.

When asked about whether they’ll be adding multiplayer or cooperative games within the app in the future, Robbins and Tse said that they have surprises in store for users in the future. For now, the platform will be focused on hypercasual games that can be played in people’s respective free times. They’re also rewarding gamers with in-game rewards, but they aren’t closing their doors to other potential prizes in the future.

Some of the games that I’ve personally tried via the mgames chatbot include:

  • Whack-A-Mole – A mole-whacking game where you need to tap as fast as you can while avoiding bombs.
  • Tako Block – A stacking game where you need to help a bird squeeze through and go over obstacles.
  • Furious Speed – A car-chasing game where you need to avoid colliding with other cars while escaping the police.
  • Sushi Roll – A test of hand coordination where you need guide your sushi through a huge mat without falling off.
  • City Ball – It’s like Tako Block, except you have to make your ball bounce through hoops at the right time.

I also liked the 2048 games and other mini-games under the Action category, but the ones above remain my top 5 favorites. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Viber and Mineski!

To start playing, ensure that you have Viber downloaded via mobile (I would suggest that you play it via mobile since it’s easier that way), and click on this LINK. You’ll be redirected to the mgames chatbot once you select the play button. Enjoy!!

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  1. Ay ang ganda naman ng games na ito siguradong nakakaaliw po. The best to para marelax na din
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yay thank you for sharing Ms ces ganda naman po ng game app na ito siguradong tanggal stress nito😍 perfect libangan na din po

  3. This is a very exciting and interesting game! Sure na madami Ang matutuwa dito. Gusto ko din itry itong game na ito ❤️🥰

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