SWATCHES: Blythe by Careline ‘Neon or Never’ makeup must-haves for a fun and bold look

Have you ever gotten bored of seeing the same repetitive red and brown hues of lippies, eyeshadow, and eyeliners? If yes, then here’s a fun pop of color for a change! Earlier this year, Pinoy actress Andrea Brillantes released her makeup collection called “Neon or Never” under Blythe by Careline. Each product is in an eye-catching marker-like neon tube stored in a neon-colored plastic box, which reminds us of 90s art materials and pens! However, unlike the art materials we have in mind, these makeup products only cost less than Php 250 each!

Tip: When you purchase these on Shopee, you can claim a Php 50 off shop voucher, a free shipping voucher for a minimum spend of Php 499, and even grab additional Careline deals as low as Php 49 via Shopee Beauty on May 11.

Here’s a closer look at our personal picks:

Blythe Eye Crayon

Blythe Eye Crayon in Glow Apart and Razzle Dazzle.

Price: Php 185

These creamy, pigmented eye crayon can smoothly glide on your eyelids and anywhere on your skin. I usually pair such with matte powder eyeshadow but it can also be used as is. Since it’s in a retractable pen-like packaging, it feels like you’re drawing on your skin! Easy peasy.

Blythe Lip Marker

Blythe Lip Marker in Sign

Price: Php 195

It looks like a colored marker for arts and crafts, except your canvass this time is your face! This marker-type lip tint helps produce a natural just-bitten look that we usually see in K-Drama. Other shades are available in their shop but these are the ones we’d most likely wear on days when we need to uplift our mood. To see the other colors — Headlight, Lighted, Brilliant, and Glitzy — visit this LINK.

Blythe Liner Pen

Price: Php 225

It’s my first time to see an eyeliner that comes with a stamp! This double-ended eyeliner pen has a pointed tip on one end and a heart or moon-shaped stamp on the other. It gives us Harley Quinn vibes but it’s actually a nice add-on when you want to look preppy.

Blythe Brow Gel

Price: Php 195

It may look like a small mascara at first glance, but this is actually a brow gel. This clear non-sticky gel helps tame brow hair in a few swipes, but you’ll need some patience to scoop a lot of product if you have thick or bushy brows.

Blythe Neon or Never – Dazzle Bundle / Glow Bundle

Price: Php 1050

If you don’t know what to get, you can purchase a bundle with all the products mentioned above! Each bundle contains an Eye Crayon, Lip Marker, Brow Gel, Liner Pen, and a FREE Blythe Neon or Never Mini Bag. There are two combinations to choose from — Dazzle Bundle or Glow Bundle. Both look good, but I personally prefer the former.


From left (blue) to right (red): Blythe Liner Pen in Blue Moon, Blythe Liner Pen in Red Heart, Blythe Eye Crayon in Glow Apart, Blythe Eye Crayon in Razzle Dazzle, Blythe Lip Marker in Retro, Blythe Lip Marker in Sign.

These are nice options to consider if you need a pop of fun color or if you want to add retro vibes to your overall look. The only downside that I’ve noticed is that these makeup products are non waterproof. Everything, except the Lip Markers get erased right away when it gets accidentally brushes against anything wet (or even wiped when you’re sweaty).

In case you’re planning to try it yourself, go to Shopee now while they’re offering discount vouchers!

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  1. Hala omg ang ganda ganda nman nito . Gusto ko ung kulay ng shade nya . Very affordable price pa 🥰❤️

  2. Love this super ganda ng shades and colors talagang must have and affordable pa kaya sulit na sulit 😊

  3. Yay ang ganda naman ng shade niyan Ms ces must try po ang dami pa choices ng color😍😍😍at higit sa lahat budget friendly

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