This app can pay for your items in advance even if you don’t have enough cash!

Don’t you hate it when you don’t have enough budget to check out the last piece of item that you’ve been eyeing on? Or maybe you do via credit card but you’re worried about credit limit and its installment ceiling? Say goodbye to your worries as there’s an app that can make our lives easier! Meet Atome – a buy now pay later app that has over 5000 online and offline partner retailers across Southeast Asia. Now in the Philippines, Atome is empowering their consumers to access a diverse range of lifestyle brands instantly while still holding them accountable for outstanding balances.

I’ve already purchased six items via the Atome app as of this writing and no matter what the price is, the app automatically divides the total into three so consumers can pay in installments. I was asked to link an online card (credit card or debit card) that contains at least 1/3 of my total purchase in order to proceed. Then, the merchant will instantly process my order! Atome provides reminders via app and email regarding payment schedules and how much is due each month. It’s like a more accountable and digital version of utang in the Philippines!


Screenshots of the Atome app

1. Download the Atome app via Google Play or Apple App Store.

2. To start shopping, you can either (a) open your preferred brand app or website and select Atome during checkout; or (b) browse through different brand catalogues within the Atome app and select checkout within the app.

3. Pay for 1/3 of the total bill using the online card that you connected to the Atome app. The next two payments will be spread equally 30 days apart.

4. Consistently check the status of your payment/s schedule under the Atome “Bills” tab. 

If you prefer shopping in-store, it’s way easier to use Atome as you’ll only need to scan the Atome QR code at the cashier.


While it’s important to maintain enough savings, we can’t deny that there are moments when we really need to purchase something essential (e.g. medicine, gifts during special occasions, outfit for big events) that may exceed our spending budget for the month. For such instances, Atome will come in handy as you can pay in installments. That’s less amount to pay upfront, less pressure to deliver what you need, and an instant solution to your needs. If ever you save up enough money before your next payment deadline, you can also pay your dues in advance for less worries.

The best part? Atome does not have added fees on top of the total. No hidden charges, too!

Due to my recent medical issues, I’ve exceeded my monthly spending budget for the month but Atome came to the rescue by enabling me to purchase medicine worth Php 1,935 even though I only have a Php 650 budget. My order from Puritan’s Pride arrived in just two days, too. Problem solved!

To start using Atome, download the app via Google Play or Apple App Store. Happy stress-free shopping!

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