Tita Tips: 5 Fun and affordable ways to teach kids about personal hygiene

Being the “ate” (older sibling) and ultimate “tita” (aunt) of kids in our extended family and friends’ circle, I can attest that raising children is not an easy feat. In order to catch their attention and make them remember what you’ve taught them, you’ll have to find a way to make things fun and interesting. But how can you make boring topics like personal hygiene seem fun for a four-year-old (and anyone near that age)? Here are some tips that will surely work, tried and tested by me, a certified millennial tita:

1. Use products that are designed with popular characters or their favorite cartoon

Barbie, superheroes, and even Minions never go out of style! To make bath time seem like play time for the young ones, make sure to include their favorite characters in their routine. This way, they’ll look forward to brush their teeth and take a bath every single day.

TRY: Colgate Kids Minions Sonic Electric Toothbrush with Minions Toothpaste (Php 700 only)

The buzzing sound from an electric toothbrush makes brushing seem more fun than the regular ones, at least based on my experience. It makes kids laugh most of the time! Plus, they won’t complain about their arms getting tired. At the affordable price of Php 700, each purchase also comes with a toothpaste bearing a Minions design.

2. Introduce them to easy-to-use bath products

It’s not easy for a kid to memorize which bottle is for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, especially if they still can’t read! Although labeling each bottle by color could work on older children, one of the best shortcuts would be to use 3-in-1 products that already serve as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in one. This makes bath time quicker than usual, too!

TRY: Palmolive Kids Minions 3-in-1 Shampoo, Body Wash and Conditioner (Php 447)

Palmolive is a well-known hair care brand but they also have products like this 3-in-1 shampoo, body, wash, and conditioner in Funny Honey scent. It can thoroughly clean and condition hair while keeping the body germ-free. Smells really good as well!

3. Tell them children’s stories about personal hygiene

The best way to get into kids’ minds? A happy make-believe story that can make their imagination run wild! Fables and fairy tales can surely leave an impact. Never scare them into doing something as this can sometimes lead to trauma.

(Photo from Storyberries, Smelly Simha)

TRY: Smelly Simha by Storyberries (FREE)

This is a 5-minute story about a smelly lion named Simha who doesn’t like taking a bath until he learned the consequences of his actions. Children’s stories at Storyberries already come with a video so you can conserve your voice.

4. Treat them like an adult from time to time

Kids don’t always like being treated like kids (yes, they can be moody like that). Let them slowly experience what it’s like to use grownup bath items like big bar soaps, scrubs, or even floss. Experience is the best teacher! However, it’s still best to choose products that are good for a child’s skin.

TRY: Tender Care Lavender & Oat Milk Hypo-Allergenic Baby Soap (Php 111 for 3pcs)

Calm and relax the little one’s senses with Tender Care Lavender & Oat Milk Hypo-Allergenic Baby Soap that combines the wonders of a lavender scent and 100% natural essential oils, helps elicit relaxation and calmness. It comes in 115g bars, which can fit a kid’s hands. Good for starters.

5. Set a regular bath time and brush time schedule (and reward them for following)

Start them young! Set a definite schedule that kids should follow daily. Bath time can be scheduled every morning, brush time should be a must every after-meal time, while wash time can be set before bedtime. Creating a routine will be good for their personal hygiene in the long run. You can even reward them for religiously following the schedule, too!

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Have fun being the cool (and educational) tita! 😉

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