New Revlon Urban Style hair colors to try for working millennials (w/ free gifts on Shopee!)

People have different reasons for wanting to color their hair. It could be to look older or younger than their actual age, to have the same hair color as their idols, for self-expression, or even as simple as wanting to see what looks best on them! I’ve tried a lot of hair colors in the past 10 years but shades that I really love usually fall under ash or brown-red shades. This year, I have two shades in mind: Truffle Ash and Rose Sorbet from Revlon. These two shades remain flattering even though they’re not as vibrant as the rest. It’s a safe choice for working millennials who can’t be too expressive at the office.

Truffle Ash Shade

I’ve tried rocking a Burgundy shade from Revlon in the year 2015 and it didn’t fade right away so I’m confident that coloring my hair at home using their kits from Shopee will have the same effect. Revlon Colorsilk Urban Style is also known for being designed specifically for Asian hair. Truffle Ash and Rose Sorbet are the latest shades in their collection which include colors that are named after yummy desserts — Matcha Beige, Chocolate Raspberry, Chestnut Mochi, and Caramel Custard. They also boast of an ammonia-free and Keratin-infused formulation to help keep our hair healthy and silky smooth.


Rose Sorbet Shade
  1. Make sure to wear coloring gloves and prepare everything you’ll need before opening the products. Best to get a hair comb for coloring to spread out the colorant.
  2. Pour the colorant into the developer bottle and shake until mixture is blended.
  3. Apply to dry hair, spread out evenly using the comb.
  4. Leave on and wait for 25 minutes.
  5. Wash it off from your hair with warm water and gently massage the mixture thoroughly.
  6. Apply conditioner and leave it on for 2 to 5 minutes.
  7. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and end with a cold water bath.


Aside from their 3D Color Gel Technology and ammonia-free formulation, we are all entitled to claim freebies with every purchase of their hair color kits on Shopee!

To be honest, I don’t need a full-size hair color at the moment but the current deal on Shopee is just too appealing to keep to myself. Every purchase of new Colorsilk Urban Style shades come with a free Revlon Kiss Cloud Blotted Lipstick in really nice colors! Those are usually priced at Php 404 but it comes as a freebie for a hair color that only costs Php 320 – Php 349. Super steal.

Swatches: Chocolate Souffle on top, Rosy Cotton Candy at the bottom.

There are 15 Revlon Kiss Cloud Bottled Lipstick shades to choose from for every Php 100 minimum spend — which you’ll surely reach since Revlon Colorsilk Urban Style shades are worth Php 300+ each. My favorites are Chocolate Souffle (you know how much I love deep brown-red shades) and Rosy Cotton Candy (pink lipsticks are a must have, if you know what I mean), but the other colors are also quite striking. Other lipstick shades you can choose from are Blush Much, Cherries on a Cloud, Fluffy Coral, Pinkalicious, Berry Soft, Orange Meringue, Pink Marshmallow, Whipped Hazelnut, Plush Apricot, Airy Scarlet, Pouty Peach, Whipped Strawberry, and Spun Sugar.

Grab one (or more) today before the limited-time offer is gone! I would recommend that you check out each item individually so you can get more gifts. Don’t forget to claim a Php 50 off shop voucher via Revlon’s Shopee page and get a free shipping vouchers via the Vouchers tab every 12mn. Happy weekend shopping! 😉

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