I got my COVID-19 Booster Shot in less than an hour! Here’s how you can book a slot in Makati City

COVID-19 cases and hospital admissions in the Philippines are finally dropping! A clear sign that VACCINES WORK. Even as the government rolls out vaccination for kids, let’s remember that adults should not be complacent especially now that the virus has produced a variant that spreads faster than the original strain. The answer to this new concern? A VACCINE BOOSTER SHOT.

I got my first and second vaccine shots in Quezon City but since I was planning to drop by Makati City last January, I thought of giving it a try. After all, the Makati City LGU announced last December 2021 that they will be accepting walk-ins and non-residents who want to get a booster shot. Luckily, it only took me three days to secure a slot and less than an hour to get my booster shot so I had enough time to rest! For a hassle-free booster shot experience, here’s a step-by-step guide and some tips based on what I did:


Makati City’s Vaccination Sign-up Form

First, start by filling out the Makati COVID-19 Vaccination Form through their official website: https://www.covid19vaccine.safemakati.com/. If you’re a non-Makati resident who needs a booster shot, make sure to select Non-Makati LGU Vaccinated Individuals under the drop-down menu before clicking Search. Note that the Non-Makati Resident option is for those who haven’t received their first and second doses yet. Provide all the necessary information on the next page before clicking Submit. A note with your confirmation number will appear, so make sure to take a screenshot for future reference.

Second, wait for the confirmation SMS containing your booster vaccine schedule and the location from BAKUNAMKT. I received it after 24 hours and I was immediately scheduled at 10:40 AM on the next day. Super efficient! From here, you can confirm or reschedule through the link provided in the message. You’ll have to enter your confirmation number in the website provided in order to proceed.

Upon receiving the confirmation message around 12 AM, I realized that I made a minor error in my form so I sent a message through the My Makati Facebook page right away. To my surprise, they still replied to my message around 12:50 AM. Hands down to their responsive Community Managers! You can also do the same thing and reach out to them via Facebook Messenger in case you have queries.

Lastly, before the day of your booster shot, make sure to photocopy your valid ID and vaccination card. Bring the physical copies as well since the representatives will be checking the validity of everything. You can also sign up for a Makati Contact Tracing QR code so you can easily enter establishments within the city.


We got our COVID-19 Booster Shot! Yaaaay!

Bring your valid ID, vaccination card, photocopies of both, screenshots of the SMS and/or confirmation message from the website, a pen, and maybe some treats for the staff if you’re feeling generous! I was instructed to go to Fort Bonifacio Elementary School but I believe there are vaccination sites in Glorietta, Makati Coliseum, and Circuit Makati as well. Compared to lines in malls, the one at Fort Bonifacio Elementary School is way shorter. It only took me less than an hour (45 minutes to be exact) to complete all the steps:

  1. Fill out the physical form handed out by the guard or staff at the entrance.
  2. Line up and get the physical copy of your Makati COVID-19 Immunization Record Card at the next booth. Staff will be reviewing your form and other requirements before providing this. You’ll also be asked to sign additional forms at this step.
  3. Proceed to the next booth where nurses will be taking your blood pressure. To be honest, I’m not sure if this step applies to all but I’m an A3 (adult with controlled comorbidities) so they had to check if my stats are normal.
  4. Consult the doctor onsite regarding the best booster shot available. This is the step where you can ask all your health and safety-related questions. They’ll also be explaining possible side effects and which homogenous or heterogenous booster is recommendable for your case. I got an AstraZeneca (viral vector) booster since my first two doses were Moderna (mRNA). A recent study actually show that AstraZeneca booster generates higher antibodies vs the new Omicron variant so no need to worry about its efficacy.
  5. Line up again and wait for your turn to be inoculated. We were not allowed to take videos inside the vaccination room but it’s okay since the nurses showed us the vaccine vial, syringe with vaccine before being injected, and the empty syringe after it was injected. This is to address concerns about vaccines not being injected completely.
  6. After getting your shot, proceed to the next step where representatives will digitally record your details. We were escorted to another room where we signed more forms, monitored for a while, and given 12 pieces of Paracetamol.
  7. Lastly, proceed to the booth where they’ll be recording your data again digitally. I believe this is where they update your online record for your vaccination certificate. After this, you’re ready to go! You can take a photo if you feel like celebrating.


Aside from a slightly heavy arm, I didn’t experience any other side effect, so no need to worry about going on Sick Leave for a long time as this will really depend on how your body will react to the vaccine. I know other people who experienced chills and/or fever after 12-24 hours, but this can easily be solved by the Paracetamols provided.

Make sure to eat healthy food, hydrate, and take your vitamins regularly to keep your body strong! Even after getting your booster shot, it’s still a must to wear a face mask, wash your hands or use alcohol regularly, and maintain social distancing whenever you go out. Our battle with COVID-19 does not end here. The virus is here to stay, but we have to live with it and be stronger than it in order to get our regular lives back.

Kudos to the Makati City LGU and everyone behind the #ResBakuna campaign!

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P.S. In case you’re wondering why Manila Millennial went to Makati City instead of Manila… well, I visit different places around the Metro. Should I change the blog name to Metro Manila Millennial? LOLJK. 😛


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  1. Thank you for sharing Ms. Ces very informative po nakakatuwa naman po yung makati nag accept sila kahit hindi ka resident. By march pa kasi kap pwede mag pa booster pero excited na din ako matapos jan🤩

  2. Thank you for sharing this . Wala pa kong booster pero dito ko din tlga plano mag pa booster sa makati . Very helpful ito skin 😍❤️

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience and what to do before, during and after getting your vaccine! 👍🏻👍🏻 Stay safe!

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