The power of natural barley and how to include it in your daily routine

Growing up in a fast-paced society, I’ve been accustomed to eat fast and choose fastfood vs slow-cooked meals that take up so much of our time. After all, every minute spent slacking off is a minute wasted for those who need to get things done for a living. Before, I was stuck in the mindset that healthy food and healthy practices are only meant for those who have enough time on their hands. Good thing that I stumbled upon supplements that help regular people like me to enjoy the power of natural even when we’re always on the go. The latest on my list is Santé Barley Max — a superfood supplement made out of barley grass harvested at a young age and produced in powder and capsule forms.

Barley is known for a lot of health benefits. After all, it has been around for centuries, even dating back to early civilizations. It was even one of the first crops grown by Egyptians along the River Nile! Aside from helping curb hunger and aid in digestion, barley is also known for containing beta-glucans that may help lower cholesterol, as well as magnesium and soluble fiber for protecting us from diabetes and heart diseases.

In a recent media conference with actress and Santé Barley Max ambassador Dimples Romana, I learned that natural barley has been part of her daily routine. The 37-year-old celebrity mom swears by barley to help her overall health, digestion, and regular bowel movement! She drinks it every morning but unlike misconceptions about barley and other fiber-rich products, she claims that Sante Barley Max doesn’t give her stomach pain or sudden urges to rush to the bathroom. Instead, it has helped her maintain her healthy lifestyle despite her busy schedule as an actress and a full-time mom.

“I believe that everything could be balanced with the right blend of time management. Work is essential but my family is the most important in my life. We need to stay healthy and active not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. This is the reason why I am so ecstatic now that I am officially a part of the Santé Barley Max family because the brand is really effective in strengthening the immune system and providing the vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need every day. One sachet per day or a single capsule before a meal of Santé Barley Max really makes a world of difference,” shares Dimples.

Her go-to health supplement is made out of barley grass powder that is certified organic by BioGro — New Zealand’s largest and best-known certifier for organic produce and products that promote the highest levels of organic quality. Being rich in vitamins and minerals for the daily diet needed by the human body, Santé Barley Max helps middle-aged, health-conscious individuals enjoy a good quality of life. It has antioxidants, fiber, Vitamin B2, B3, and B6, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc which helps in enhancing the immune system and provides protection from illnesses and diseases. It also contains stevia, which is a natural plant-based sweetener, low in calories and does not raise blood sugar levels.

“Nature has the ability to do wonders for one’s health and overall wellbeing. So, bring more nature into your home,” addsDimples. “We can now connect to the power of nature with Santé Barley Max which we should take every day for that added protection and vitality that we need.” 

For those who love drinking matcha-flavored drinks, representatives from Sante Barley claim that you can mix their powder supplement with milk (soy milk or almond milk) and serve cold to make it more enjoyable. If you want a more natural taste, then one sachet in a glass of water will be enough to equip you with nutrients that you need for the day. For those with a busy schedule, there’s a capsule form so you can ingest all the nutrients that you need in a flash before mealtime.

Sante Barley Max Powder is being sold for only Php 670 per box of 10 sachets, while the Sante Barley Max Capsules are being sold for Php 1,020 per box of 60 capsules. It’s now available in all leading drugstores, supermarkets, and convenience stores nationwide. If you prefer no-hassle deliveries, you can also place an order via Sante Barley’s Shopee page.

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*Thumbnail images from Pixabay and Sante Barley Max.

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  1. Wow love this product , tlgang nman npka ganda at napaka daming health benefits nito . the highest levels of organic quality ❤️😍

  2. Yay must try po ang products and agree ako kay Ms Dimple healthy family ang ating priority kaya dun tayo sa trusted na effective brand.

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