SALE ALERT: Our fave Meiji snacks now on 30% off!

‘Tis the season of giving… and treating ourselves non-stop! After all, we deserve it for working hard for an entire year. To end 2021 with some fun nostalgic vibes, how about some sweet blast to the past with yummy snacks that we used to ask our moms to buy for us as school baon? Meiji snacks are now made more affordable (up to 30% off) and easily accessible via Shopee’s Express Delivery.

Express Delivery enables customers from Metro Manila and parts of Luzon to receive their orders in only two to three days, compared with Standard Delivery which usually takes three to five days (or more).

Here’s a rundown of what we got along with their sale price at the moment:

1. Meiji Hello Panda Assorted Box (260g)

Price: Php 205

Where to buy: Shopee Express Delivery / Shopee Standard Delivery

Who doesn’t know and love Hello Panda? This has been around since 1979 (at least in Japan) and it remains one of Meiji’s best-selling brands! I remember specifically requesting for the chocolate-flavored ones as snack when I was in Grade School and I even used to draw the pandas printed on each biscuit. That was when I started to discover how cute real-life pandas were!

This leveled-up Hello Panda Assorted Box contains four bags of chocolate, three bags of strawberry, and three bags of milk flavored biscuits. It’s the same crunchy biscuits with soft flavorful cream that we used to love as a kid, only packed in a bigger box.

2. Meiji Almond Black Chocolate (74g)

Price: Php 502, originally Php 590 (Set of 5 on 15% off)

Where to buy: Shopee – Grand Dragon PH Express Delivery

On days when my parents have extra shopping money, I used to request for this duo — Meiji Macadamia Nuts and Meiji Almond Black. They’re very different from local chocolates and it has that melt-in-your-mouth goodness. I always felt rich whenever I had these! However, since I’m all grown up now, I stuck with dark chocolates and almonds for some sense of “healthy living”.

3. Meiji Fran Chocolate (Set of 5)

Price: Php 210, originally Php 300

Where to buy: Shopee Express Delivery

When I was in High School, chocolates on slim bread sticks were very popular, you’d want to hide it in your snack bag during breaks ‘cos people won’t be able to resist asking you for one or more. As much as we’d like to share, you gotta admit that it’s not easy to give away things that are super rare in the market! Fran is one of those hard-to-find snacks back then, which makes me really happy to be able to find and order it via Shopee easily now.

Fran, which belongs to my top list because it reminds me of my full name, contains yummy biscuit sticks dipped in rich chocolate cream made in Japan. It has the classic Meiji chocolate taste, but with biscuit sticks!

The discounts will be up for grabs until today (December 5, 2021) only, so I’d suggest that you #AddToCart and get those Express Deliveries already! 😉

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3 Replies to “SALE ALERT: Our fave Meiji snacks now on 30% off!”

  1. Good news and a great ideal gift set too.Meiji snacks are now made more affordable (up to 30% off) and easily accessible via Shopee’s Express Delivery.
    So convinient and lowest price ever.

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