Getting rid of crow’s feet, smile lines with the help of botolinium toxin (a.k.a. Botox)

When I was a teenager, I thought that Botox, fillers, and other injectables for aesthetic purposes were totally unnecessary because there are celebrities with “natural” beauty who make it big in the industry. However, as I grew older and got more exposed to the realities of life, I realized that there is nothing 100% natural in this world. People tend to look and stay young with the help of aesthetic innovations – from lasers to injectables and ingestible supplements, which can still be considered as non-surgical methods.

Crow’s feet are visible even if you wear makeup. There’s no way to hide them!

As I near my 30s, I now see signs of aging (no thanks to genetics) such as wrinkles and crow’s feet (a.k.a. smile lines) – fine lines around the eye area that usually appear when you smile. These are easily addressed by botolinium toxin shots, popularly known as Botox from a certified clinic within your area. In my case, it was administered by Dra. Jen Escalderon, MD, DPBBO-HNS, also known as “Dra. Chubby Cheeks” on social media. She specializes in Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, and Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at Variahealth – Quezon City.

Before I share how it felt like and my before-after photos, let me share a quick background about Botox first. This type of neurotoxin is an injectable protein that doctors use for both aesthetic and medical purposes. Botox is a brand name, which is probably the most popular one, but there are also other brands available in the market. Although it can treat fine lines like crow’s feet, it can also help medical conditions such as TMJ for the jaw, muscle spasms, and even sever underarm sweating.

Who can get crow’s feet?

Anyone can get crow’s feet, but there are lucky people who have enough fat content in their face which prevents fine lines from developing. See, not all “fats” are bad!

Dra. Jen explaining what Botox is during my visit to Variahealth – Quezon City. (Photo courtesy of Sylver Sy/ Iconic MNL)

“Skin types vary per person and we age differently so for other people, they age gracefully and naturally. They don’t develop crow’s feet because they have fat content,” explains Dra. Jen in Filipino. “However, there are some people – like in your case, they’re not old but it just so happens that the anatomy of their face lacks fatty content, which leads to crow’s feet being more visible. That’s why I sometimes advise patients to have Botox injection or botulinum toxin.”

I was advised to get minimal Botox near the corners of my eyes to prevent the crow’s feet from developing into deeper lines. When not addressed immediately, the “smile lines” that only appear when I smile may tend to become permanently visible even if I don’t move any part of my face.

How does Botox erase fine lines?

Botolinium toxin is injected to your muscle so it can block the signal from the nerves to the muscles. This way, the developing wrinkles will tend to relax and soften, and eventually disappear after a few days. Effects will not be visible right away post-procedure but you’ll be able to notice less fine lines (or none at all) in five to 10 days.

How does the procedure feel like?

After washing your face, topical anesthesia will be applied on the areas to be injected. You’ll need to wait for 20 minutes for it to work. A plastic wrap will be used to lock in the cream within that time frame.

Topical anesthesia application (Photo courtesy of Sylver Sy/ Iconic MNL)

Once the anesthesia sets in, an ice pack will be used to further numb the area. Then, a thin syringe was used to inject the botolinium toxin at the sides of my eyes. It felt like a quick prick, comparable to touching the end of a 0.3 ballpen. Since my crow’s feet aren’t permanent yet, only a small amount of Botox was used. As a final step, antibacterial cream was applied to the injection points. It was done in less than three minutes and I have that on video in case you need proof.

Botox time! (Photo courtesy of Sylver Sy/ Iconic MNL)

I actually forgot that I had it done on that day because I didn’t feel any pain or numbness anymore around my eyes. The lines started to disappear around the third or fourth day and I’m totally speechless at the result.

Is it safe and effective?

BEFORE (Day 1): Lines are deeper, longer, and more visible. Bulge by the eyebags
AFTER (Day 5): Shorter lines, not that deep anymore. Better overall appearance. Was wearing eyeliner and brown eyeshadow in that photo; thus the darker appearance.

I would say that it is safe and effective if a certified doctor like Dra. Jen administers it. It has already been more than a week since I got my Botox but I haven’t experienced any kind of pain or negative side effect yet.

Honestly, I now feel more confident to smile and laugh in front of other people, especially in front of a camera, because I know that my crow’s feet won’t be visible anymore. I used to love posing with a straight face or a small smile only to hide those little lines. Time to #smize more!

Botox vs fillers: What’s the difference?

“Botox is what we do when (a patient) has wrinkles and they want to flatten it out or they want to relax the muscle so the skin will look smooth. On the other hand, fillers are something that can add volume,” shares Dra. Jen.

Fillers are used for those who want their thin lips to look fuller, add volume to their cheeks. Although they have different uses, both still need to be done by a doctor. Never trust people who aren’t certified to administer these aesthetic procedures to ensure that you won’t run into any kind of problem.

How much does Botox cost?

Total cost will depend on the areas to be treated as botolinium toxin is priced per unit. It will usually reach around Php 8,000 to Php 10,000 but that’s already a one-time procedure.

After my first try, I think I’m more confident to try it again now that I know that it’s super fast, effective, and safe. I had to get it again to help relax my jaw muscles due to temporomandibular (TMJ) complications but that’s a story for another post.

#CesTries Botox for Crow’s Feet = DONE and SUCCESSFUL!

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